80% of telcos are committed to virtual jobs, according to Minsait (Indra)

MADRID, 11 Jun.

80% of telcos are committed to virtual jobs, according to Minsait (Indra)


80% of companies in the telecommunications sector are committed to virtual jobs, according to the report 'Ascendant 2022: Modernize and grow in the cloud' prepared by Minsait (Indra), which also indicates that telcos are positioned like this ahead of other industries, such as construction or even public administrations.

After the pandemic, and in line with cloud adaptation strategies, operators continue to invest in new networks, such as 5G, in the expansion of fiber networks and in 'cloud' technologies, something that, in the opinion of the authors of the study, "allow them to offer new services to their customers, who are increasingly demanding and increasingly accustomed to digitization."

In this sense, 70% of the companies have a strategic modernization plan and have already carried out pilots or concept tests on some of the transformations.

"The telco sector continues to win the modernization race, demonstrating a fairly high degree of maturity. In any case, it is still necessary for operators to overcome a series of challenges, such as improving on the new operating models that allow them to continue advancing in their transformation total digital", pointed out the director of Telco and Media at Minsait, Elena Pablos Espada.

In this sense, the study confirms that telcos have the "clear objective" of acquiring "greater business agility" to solve with the "greatest guarantees" the challenges that may arise in a context "as changing as the current ".

"The 'cloud' providers and the companies that are experts in modernization have the 'know how' and the 'expertise' in digitization, and that is why rowing in this race with them is key to success", highlighted Elena Pablos.

In relation to data sovereignty, most organizations have identified regulations and associated controls, while they have defined continuous supervision mechanisms that guarantee their compliance, the report states.

Thus, around 80% of the companies interviewed for the study state that they have designed and implemented government models to enable "agile and secure adoption of the 'cloud'", figures that are above average since, in most total evaluation of the sectors, the percentage of this sensitivity "remarkably decreases".

In the field of security of companies in the telco sector "there are no major points for improvement", since a high percentage of telecommunications operators have defined security models and CSF (Cyber ​​Security Framework) implemented, with automation processes of controls and continuous monitoring of the security posture and 'enforcement', aligned with DevOps.

"In short, the telco sector is determined to continue advancing in the journey of modernizing applications and migrating to the 'cloud' in which there is still a long way to go. Likewise, it is undeniable that the steps they have taken up to now lead them to not stay behind and gain added value as companies", added the authors of the report.