The hijab Decathlon denounced on the right as on the left

This is the kind of controversies that inflame the right and the Rassemblement national (RN). After the équimentier sports Nike, Decathlon has announced that it

The hijab Decathlon denounced on the right as on the left

This is the kind of controversies that inflame the right and the Rassemblement national (RN). After the équimentier sports Nike, Decathlon has announced that it wants to commercialize it, "surely, from mid-march", a "veil of race" - which covers the hair and neck but not the face - for muslim women who wish to "make the sport more accessible". A "marketing communitarian", "sign of submission to the way of life islamic", have quickly denounced, to the right, The Republicans (LR) , and by the voice of their spokesperson Lydia Guirous.

Convinced that "brands have an important responsibility in the message they send to society," François-Xavier Bellamy, the head of the list LR in the european, invited to Monday, to public Hearing, in partnership with Le Figaro , judge that "the root cause, it is this model of relativistic, in which we returned, where in some way we have given up to defend that which constitutes our common culture, not to exclude, but to bring together." The RN sees it as meaning, "a new intrusion of communitarianism, islamic in the public space". Symbol of the "exponential development of the claims and the identity dimension of a religion, some of us now seek to impose in the joint space, taking into account standards and rules of its own", adds the party of Marine Le Pen in a press release.

boycott Calls

But the marketing of this garment of sport is slammed beyond the right. The minister of Health, Agnes Buzyn regretted on RTL the sale of this accessory, and stated that she would have "preferred a French brand that does not promote not the veil". "Of course it's allowed, and it is well known that secularism in France, allows the wearing of the veil. It is our society. But personally, I don't feel like it promotes the differentiation between men and women," says the minister of Health. The president of the Modem , François Bayrou, is "confident that our muslim compatriots were not asking it at all". "For we (the French society), the image of the woman is an image of freedom," he said on BFMTV.

Agnès Buzyn deplores the commercialization of "hijabs running" - Look on Figaro Live

The votes are even talking about the boycott of the Decathlon. Relaying a press release from the League of the international law of women referring to an "apartheid-sexual", the leader of the deputies of the socialist Party (PS) , Valérie Rabault, asked on Twitter: "Boycott Decathlon in France?". "Obviously," replied Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, Tuesday, on France 2, "the advocacy of women's rights concerns in the world, and the business also". "I have two daughters and I don't feel like they live in a country where the place of women in society regresses as in Saudi Arabia", has put forward the candidate Standing France (DLF) to the european origin of a petition entitled "No to the sale of the hijab in Decathlon". As a "woman" and "citizen", the mp for The Republic in market (LREM) Aurore Bergé has stated that the "choice" of "don't trust a brand that breaks with our values", because "the sport freed. It does not submit."

"silly Controversy"

In the ranks of the majority, other voices say "stop the hysteria!", as the member LREM Fiona Lazaar. "This obsession with the veil and Islam, nestled in the subconscious of republicanism, is a French exception which it would be well", adds, in this sense, his colleague Aurélien Taché, a member of the left wing of the majority party. On the side of France insubordinate (BIA) , one of the cadres of the movement, Thomas Guénolé, has pointed the finger at a "yet another silly controversy on the wearing of the hijab". "One can of course disapprove, by feminism, as a symbol of the patriarchy: it is my case. But in the name of feminism, the freedom for any woman to dress as she wants it is obvious she is too," he says.

in Face of the protests, the Decathlon has a "time served". "We are focusing on the democratization of the practice of the sport. The fact is that some women practise running with a hijab, often little adapted. Our goal is simple: to offer a product adaptive sports, without judgement," explained the brand on Twitter. Front to back: Tuesday evening, Decathlon has announced to waive the sale of the hijab. "We actually decision all responsibility in this Tuesday evening, not to market to the time it is this product in France," said Xavier Rivoire, director of communications at Decathlon on RTL.

Hijabs : Decathlon should he sell them ? - Look on Figaro Live

Updated Date: 27 February 2019, 00:00

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