Aedas Homes and Naturgy promote the use of renewable gas in housing developments for the first time in Spain

MADRID, 10 Jul.

Aedas Homes and Naturgy promote the use of renewable gas in housing developments for the first time in Spain


The real estate developer Aedas Homes has signed an agreement with Nedgia, a gas distribution subsidiary of the Naturgy group, for the certified installation of adapted systems that enable the supply of renewable gas or biomethane to around 500 homes under development in Spain.

With this initiative, the developer becomes the first company in its sector to replace natural gas with biomethane --a renewable gas that is obtained from organic waste and maintains the same properties as natural gas-- in the residential market for the test supply of the facilities, as reported in a statement.

For the Director of Operations of Aedas Homes, Luis García Malo de Molina, this agreement represents a further step to reduce the operational carbon footprint of its projects and become a "benchmark in sustainability" in the new-build housing sector.

"For the first time, a promoter changes natural gas for biomethane, a clean, inexhaustible renewable gas, with neutral CO2 emissions that contributes to combating climate change and with which the circular economy is promoted," he added.

In the words of Nedgia's Director of Operations, Vicente Gramuntell, the agreement illustrates the ambition of his company and the Naturgy group to decarbonize their distribution networks and become a "benchmark" in the search for energy solutions that promote sustainable energy development.

In this sense, the energy group managed in 2022 that the renewable gas that circulated through the Nedgia networks grew by 90%, reaching 35 GWh, thus consolidating its commitment to the deployment of biomethane through its 57,000 kilometers of networks. .

"Biomethane offers the advantage of providing enormous flexibility as it is a gas comparable to natural gas and makes it possible to take advantage of the extensive existing gas infrastructure, which reduces the investment and adaptation effort to achieve rapid penetration", explained Gramuntell.

Aedas Homes has highlighted that thanks to the new guarantees of origin --similar to those that already exist for electricity produced with renewables--, each megawatt/hour of 100% renewable gas gives rise to the issuance of a guarantee of origin with information on where, when and how the gas was produced. For this reason, it considers that these guarantees provide added value when marketing it that encourages consumption supported by the consequent environmental benefit.