CC.OO shows its "concern" about the "bad results" of Siemens Gamesa and calls for "adequate management"


CC.OO shows its "concern" about the "bad results" of Siemens Gamesa and calls for "adequate management"


The union section of Comisiones Obreras (CC.OO) at Siemens Gamesa has shown its "concern" about the results presented by the company, which the union has described as "bad" and has demanded "adequate management".

In a statement, CC.OO has opined that these results presented by the company's Management to the markets "are the result of the mismanagement that the successive management teams have been carrying out during the years after the arrival of the Siemens group to the management ".

"We are talking about design problems attributable to a blind and unbridled competition policy to bring the most powerful Onshore machine to the market, ignoring the basic principles of prudence in design that, possibly, has put the main operators in the European sector against the ropes , added to a lousy communication policy and a deficient internal organization policy promoted by management teams that can clearly be improved," the trade union section stressed.

The secretary of the Gamesa Reinosa Electric (CCOO) works council, Álvaro Ruiz, has defended that the Reinosa factory is "profitable". "We are working to overcome this complicated situation as we have done in the past at Siemens Gamesa throughout the territory with a joint effort and the fight and union action of the entire workforce", he stated.

The union has initiated contacts with the competent administrations and governments and requested an operational meeting together with the UGT with the CEO of Siemens Energy and has warned the company's Management that "these results cannot continue to be the cause of new adjustments or restructuring, because the Spanish squad has already paid the consequences of previous management errors".

As he has pointed out, Siemens Gamesa "should occupy a relevant space if it had an adequate Management".

The union has claimed to be "aware of the difficulties that, paradoxically, companies in the sector are going through, especially in onshore technology", a situation in which it has considered "a strategic commitment to offshore necessary". "This technology could have a great future and in which Gamesa should occupy an important space in Spain and in Europe", he claimed.

"We trust that, once and for all, we can be a key piece in the construction of a renewable country model at an energy and industrially sustainable level", concluded Ruiz.