Christmas markets and European capitals, great incentives for agencies in the December long weekend

MADRID, 6 Dic.

Christmas markets and European capitals, great incentives for agencies in the December long weekend


Travel agencies exceed 2022 reservations by up to 20% for this Constitution long weekend, with the holidays of December 6 and 8, driven by one of the most famous tourist attractions on these dates, the European Christmas markets.

Once again this year, these markets become a travel tradition on these dates, and, according to CEAV, the most in-demand countries are once again those of Central Europe, with their typical markets in cities in Germany, Austria, Poland and the Czech Republic. .

In addition, the most renowned capitals in Europe are also present in the preferences of Spaniards, such as London (United Kingdom), Paris (France), Rome (Italy) and Amsterdam (Netherlands).

In the case of UNAV, the most requested destinations in recent weeks have been, for example, cities like Budapest (which in 2022 was chosen as the best Christmas market in Europe), Salzburg (Switzerland), Tallinn (Estonia) and Innsbruck (Austria). . The markets in Berlin (Germany), Vienna (Austria), Colmar (France), Krakow (Poland), Basel (Switzerland) and Copenhagen (Denmark) have also had a lot of success this year.

In addition to Lisbon (Portugal), Paris, London and Rome, at a national level, Madrid and Barcelona, ​​along with the islands (the Canary Islands, especially), are the most in demand.

Viajes El Corte Inglés has selected its best proposals, both national and international, for this autumn and winter, which include trips to the Christmas markets in Europe.

For the December long weekend, special packages have been designed to visit the best Christmas markets in Europe: Bavaria and Tyrol, Germany and the Black Forest, Switzerland, Flanders, Prague or Dublin. And for those looking for a cultural getaway, they recommend Paris, Rome, Prague, Venice or London, with offers full of content.

Likewise, Viajes El Corte Inglés proposes a trip to Lapland. "In addition to meeting Santa Claus in his own village, adults and children will be able to take unique excursions discovering the Arctic Circle with fishing activities in its frozen lakes, huskie excursions or riding a reindeer sleigh, go hunting for the northern lights," the company explained.

For its part, Mapa Tours has designed a program for the December long weekend with trips to 31 different destinations and departures from most Spanish airports, as reported in a statement.

The company's proposal combines trips of five, six and eight days in duration, in stay, "full" and circuit modes, the most popular options for these dates.

The diversity of destinations that Mapa Torus proposes for this December long weekend is more extensive than on previous occasions. This year, its clients will be able to travel, from 769 euros per person, to the best destinations in Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Turkey and Uzbekistan.

Japan, the United Arab Emirates and European cities are the most popular destinations for Spanish travelers during the fall season in Europamundo.

The reason is that in these destinations you can enjoy less crowded Christmas markets, visit the tourist attractions without crowds and discover the landscapes with the particular colors of the season.

To enjoy the Christmas markets, Europamundo has exclusive operations to European cities such as Venice, Verona or Istanbul from different points in Spain, such as A Coruña, Oviedo, Málaga, Murcia, and Madrid. The tour operator offers ground services to more than 15 European destinations to visit the popular Christmas markets.

Regarding the most popular destinations in Destinia, on an international level the growing interest in Portugal stands out. This year, 41% of Spaniards who will travel abroad have chosen the Portuguese country compared to 27% in 2022, evidencing a notable change in destination preferences.

Traveler reservations at Destinia decrease by 26% for the December long weekend compared to the same full week in 2022, but last year the holiday was extended to ten days compared to five in 2023, according to a statement issued by the company.

"These data reflect not only a prosperous year for tourism in Spain, but also dynamic changes in travel patterns and destination preferences, key aspects to understand the current tourism market and its future trends," Destinia highlighted.