STATEMENT: We enter Adamastor and the manufacturing plant located on the outskirts of Porto

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: We enter Adamastor and the manufacturing plant located on the outskirts of Porto

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The best human and technical resources to build the first Portuguese supercar

PORTO, Portugal, December 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- With a work team currently composed of fourteen members with academic and professional training in the areas of engineering, production and design - as well as an international network of collaborations that gives it access to the latest technologies -, Adamastor drives and materializes its vision of a modern supercar from its factory and engineering center in the Perafita area of ​​Porto.

The Adamastor factory currently has a useful area of ​​about 2,225 square meters, with the potential to expand up to 6,000 square meters, which will allow it to carry out its growth plan in a phased and sustained manner in the future, both in technical and human resources.

Adamastor is fully focused on its goal of becoming a leading manufacturer of low-volume supercars, and is also committed to establishing itself as an engineering center of excellence, through which it will provide consulting, design and production services using cutting-edge technology. Vanguard.

Its capabilities and competencies include CNC machining facilities, the production of components in composite materials and the use of the latest 3D printing technology. His engineering projects also use the most advanced mechanical design, simulation and optimization software, in addition to exploiting the enormous potential of tools such as virtual reality.

Following an artisanal production approach, Adamastor's manufacturing concept is based on the assembly bay principle, in which a highly specialized technical team will be fully responsible for the entire design process of each vehicle, fostering a greater emotional connection between the human and material aspects, which will always be the inspiration behind the excellence of Adamastor's work and the quality of execution of its highly qualified technical team.

The current Adamastor team includes:

This is the human capital that carries out Adamastor's activity. A multipurpose structure that operates at the Perafita plant, where, in addition to the Supercar that will be presented in the first quarter of 2024, it already supplies components to various clients, such as carbon fiber bodies and fuel tanks, propellers for wind energy generation , among others.

Taking advantage of all the knowledge of its team of professionals and the experience accumulated in the most varied areas of industrial production, Adamastor is already in the final stretch to hit the track for the first tests of what will be the first Supercar born on Portuguese soil.

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