iPhone 11: what is expected of Apple's keynote, and how to follow it live

It is Tuesday, September 10, Apple will hold its autumn conference annual, also called "keynote". Upstream of the event, the american press has already unveil

iPhone 11: what is expected of Apple's keynote, and how to follow it live

It is Tuesday, September 10, Apple will hold its autumn conference annual, also called "keynote". Upstream of the event, the american press has already unveiled a portion of the ads that the firm prepares in secret. In the program, three new models of the iPhone, a camera with three sensors to make photos very wide angle, or even the improvement in the "Face ID", a technology that allows to unlock the smartphone with facial recognition.

* The iPhone become "Pro"

According to Bloomberg, Apple plans to launch three new iphones to succeed the models "XS", "XS Max" and "XR", released in September 2018. These versions, for the time being, dubbed the "iPhone 11" or "iPhone 11 Pro" by the press, would be equipped with a camera backbone with three sensors, that can take photos and videos on a very wide angle. In particular, the shots would be of better resolution. The power zoom would be improved, in the same way that the quality of the photos when there is little light. Apple would have also improved its tool to edit and crop a video on iPhone.

beyond the camera, there would be the possibility to recharge the AirPods thanks to the iPhone Pro by asking the housing of the headphones on the back of the smartphone. The "Face ID" would also be improved. The feature would benefit from better sensors, for detecting a face on a greater angle. The new range of iPhone would also have the right to an advanced version of the processor in order to speed up the performance of the phone. Smartphones "Pro" could better manage the augmented reality, a technology that mixture of virtual elements to the real world via the camera of a smartphone or tablet.

But some items might miss the call. None of the iPhone Pro would be compatible with the 5G. The novelty would happen next year. And whether from the point of view of design or the size of the screen, the new game of Apple should be similar to the funds model.

● what's New on the side of the iPad, the Mac, and sound

After having launched the new iPad Air and iPad Mini earlier this year, Apple would give a youthful look to its other tablets. Thus, as the next iPhone, the new iPad Pro would be equipped with a better camera and a more powerful processor. For iPad for students, the size of the screen would increase, from 9.7 to 10.2 inches (between 24.6 and 25.4-cm diagonal span). Apple should have also something new for his laptop computer: a new Macbook Pro, with a larger screen and a slim design, would be presented.

The firm would announce, finally, of the improvements on the side of the sound. According to Bloomberg, Apple is currently working on new AirPods, its wireless headphones, the price will be higher than that of the current models (available for about 179 euros). The new range, which is more resistant to water and most effective to reduce the surrounding noise, to happen in the next year. In 2020, a less expensive speaker connected HomePod would also make its entry. It would have two speakers, compared to seven for the model currently being marketed.

● We also expect...

the price of The Apple Arcade, subscription service to play games video unlimited on the devices of the firm. According to the specialized site, and remember very well informed, 9to5Mac, all of it would cost 4,99 dollars a month, with thirty days free trial. It is the same price as Google Play Pass, the offer is similar to Hoogle for video games. The amount of the service from Apple could be revealed during the keynote. For the moment, we do not know the exact date of the conference. Finally, it is not excluded that Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, reserve a big surprise to his audience, presenting, for example, glasses that are connected to augmented reality, a project on which the company has been working since several years.

● Where to follow the keynote?

As usual, it will be possible to follow the autumn conference of Apple on a dedicated page of its official website. In addition, and for the first time, the keynote will also be streamed live on YouTube. Finally, you can follow all the announcements from Apple, live and in French, from the site of the F igaro, thanks to our reporter on site in Cupertino. To Tuesday!

Updated Date: 10 September 2019, 00:00

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