Santander, the Spanish bank with the most properties without a certificate as loan guarantee

MADRID, 6 Dic.

Santander, the Spanish bank with the most properties without a certificate as loan guarantee


Banco Santander is the Spanish bank that has the most properties as collateral for loans without an energy certificate, according to the Bank of Spain in the autumn edition of its financial stability magazine.

Specifically, Santander has 81% of residential properties that guarantee loans in the EU without a label, which places it at the head of Spanish entities. On the opposite side, BBVA stands out, with only 23% of properties without a certificate, and Banco Sabadell, with 8%. In the rest of the entities this figure exceeds 60%.

The total number of loans analyzed by the Spanish bank that have a residential property guarantee is 530.3 billion euros. Of that amount, 64% (339.4 billion) do not have a certificate. This percentage rises to 81% (71.6 billion euros) for commercial mortgages, which represent 14% (88.3 billion) of the total loans analyzed.

In terms of efficiency, label E is clearly the majority, both at an aggregate level, with almost 20% of residential guarantees, and for each of the banks analyzed. The best energy efficiency labels (A, B and C) only represent 4% of total residential warranties.

The financial stability magazine also analyzes the exposures of banks subject to physical risks (acute and chronic) reported by entities to non-financial companies.

On average, 15% of exposure to non-financial companies is subject to physical risks, 7% being chronic, 6% acute and 2% a combination of both.

The two entities that report the highest physical risk in relative terms are BBVA (17.4%) and Santander (15.5%), which could be explained by the weight of their international activity in more vulnerable geographic areas. Cajamar and Ibercaja, for their part, report an exposure subject to physical risk (14.5% and 8.7%, respectively) higher in relative terms than other entities of similar size.

Regarding the physical risks of loans secured by real estate (residential and commercial), 11.4% of said properties are exposed. As with exposure to non-financial companies, Santander (12.3%) and BBVA (15.5%) are above the average and Cajamar and Ibercaja, once again, report higher percentages than other large entities. similar.