Telefónica adds one million IoT lines in three months and exceeds 35 million

MADRID, 6 Nov.

Telefónica adds one million IoT lines in three months and exceeds 35 million


Telefónica has added one million Internet of Things lines between July and September in full swing in a sector in which it has 35 million accesses, which leads it to represent almost 10% of all the company's accesses.

The operator presented its financial results last Friday, where this segment has registered a year-on-year growth at the group level of 19.8%, which makes it the line of business that has grown the most in volume of the company.

Telefónica Brazil has been the main generator of growth in this segment with 419,900 new accesses in the last three months, which raises the number of lines of this type that the operator has in the country to 14.2 million.

It is followed by Virgin Media O2, the joint subsidiary with Liberty Global in the United Kingdom, with 9.3 million after adding more than 330,000 accesses since July. Telefónica Hispam completes the podium of markets, which brings together all the Latin American countries where Telefónica has business except Brazil, which is close to 5.3 million lines after adding 117,000.

For its part, Telefónica Spain has reached 3.3 million accesses as of September 30, after adding 100,000 in this quarter after having shot up its volume in March, by regularizing 500,000 accesses.

In February, Telefónica launched the first IoT-oriented mobile operator in Spain with Telefónica IoT

Completes the fleet of IoT Telefónica Germany accesses that contributes to the group 1.7 million accesses, 31,700 more than in July and 9% more than in the same period of the previous year

Telefónica is immersed in the development of solutions related to this business vertical, which will continue to grow as 5G triggers the number of connected devices.

For this reason, one of the branches of Telefónica Tech is oriented towards this technology and big data. This business vertical has invoiced 70% more until September and contributed 122 million euros in income to the group.

During this quarter, the firm has also closed agreements with the 'startup' Sateliot to develop IoT connectivity projects through nanosatellites.