The Best Undertaker Matches at Wrestlemania

What makes WrestleMania so exciting is that it features some of the greatest wrestling matches ever created

The Best Undertaker Matches at Wrestlemania

What makes WrestleMania so exciting is that it features some of the greatest wrestling matches ever created. The event celebrates the history of professional wrestling through storylines, characters, and action sequences. ​One of those amazing wrestlers is The Undertaker.

In this article, we take a look at some of his biggest matches at Wrestlemania.

The Best of Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

1. Wrestlemania IX: "Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon"

This match was the WWF's last big pay-per-view before they merged with WCW in 2001, and the main event featured arguably the two most famous wrestlers in the world at the time - Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker. While both men have had a lot to say about the other during their careers, these two never actually met on WWE television until now - all due to the massive size difference between them! Michaels has been the bigger star in recent years, but he didn't hold anything against The Undertaker. Did you know best Australia online casino sites have wreslting themed online slots?

In fact, he said it would be fun to challenge him for the championship belt one day. When the dust settled after an incredible brawl, The Deadman had defeated HBK by disqualification. After the match, Michaels offered Taker a handshake even though he knew he couldn't win - saying a man like him deserved respect. The Deadman shook his hand then proceeded to rip off his trademark black mask as if to show the fans who it was really behind him.

That night, Vince McMahon introduced "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan (not the original Hacksaw) while Michaels hit the ring to confront Taker again. He told The Undertaker not to worry because he wasn't going anywhere; instead, he went up to him and offered to fight him later in what turned out to be their final confrontation.

2. Wrestlemania XXIV: "Triple H vs Undertaker"

After the two previous matches, Triple H was allowed to face The Undertaker one more time. This time, however, there were no rules or stipulations involved. They just fought each other for nearly 30 minutes, leaving many to believe this was the best match of the entire series. As soon as it started, The Game came out to attack Big Show, only for Kane to come from behind and beat down The King Of Kings.

However, when it was over, The Deadman made his way back towards the ring, and everyone could finally see who he was holding in his arms. It was Stephanie McMahon, the wife of Triple H, whom she claimed loved her husband so much that he wouldn't leave her alone. With that, The Undertaker laid her lifeless body across his shoulders as he walked to the steps. Then, he looked over to the crowd and said, "I guess I'll wait here." In a shocking twist ending, Triple H returned and attacked The Phenom, hitting his infamous Pedigree move.

Before he could get away, Kane interfered and brutally beat up the champion, who needed medical attention following the match. Although it seemed like it took forever for anything else to happen in the match, in reality, it lasted less than 20 seconds. Still, the fans erupted with excitement and joy when a shot was heard coming from the sky above and The Undertaker was revealed standing tall once again. Once he reached ringside, he grabbed a microphone and announced through the microphone he had forgiven Triple H for attacking him earlier. He also announced that he would not interfere in any future feuds between the two.