The CNMV cautiously suspends the trading of Applus shares

MADRID, 30 Jun.

The CNMV cautiously suspends the trading of Applus shares


The National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) has provisionally suspended trading of Applus shares on the stock market with immediate effect "while relevant information about the aforementioned entity is disseminated".

The company's shares closed yesterday at a price of 9.32 euros, with an advance of 0.3% over Wednesday's price.

On June 19, I Squared Capital, with the backing of investment funds managed by TDR, confirmed that it was studying the possibility of making a Public Takeover Offer (OPA) for all of the Applus shares, without having taken any action at that time. no decision.

According to information published in the press those days, I Squared's offer could be around 2,000 million euros, at a rate of 9.5 euros per title.

At the beginning of May, Applus confirmed the existence of "non-binding and unsolicited samples of interest" from some investors to acquire the company for more than 1,000 million euros.

As the company explained at the time, it was requested access to a review of information, which was granted, although it assured that there was still "no type of decision on the part of any of said investors or certainty that said entities are going to make any additional performance".

Since the start of the war in Ukraine and the rise in interest rates, Applus has appeared in most analyst pools as a candidate to receive a takeover bid that would exclude it from the stock market.

Since the announcement of the expressions of interest, the certification company has been in the crosshairs of several investment funds and has been the subject of different movements in its capital.

Specifically, these have been carried out by the German asset manager DWS Investment, by the US financial institution Morgan Stanley and by the funds Nekton Global Fund Limited, Millenium Group Management and Red Wheel European Focus Master Inc.