The Ibex is trading at 8,400 points in the mid-session with a decrease of 0.09%

MADRID, 2 Dic.

The Ibex is trading at 8,400 points in the mid-session with a decrease of 0.09%


The Ibex 35 yielded 0.09% and stood exactly at 8,400 points at twelve noon, awaiting the employment report in the United States and on a day in which the unemployment data in Spain was also released .

Specifically, the number of unemployed registered in the offices of the public employment services (formerly Inem) fell by 33,512 unemployed in November in relation to the previous month (-1.1%), its second largest decline this month within the historical series after the one experienced in 2021 (-74,381 unemployed).

For its part, Social Security lost an average of 155 contributors in November, mainly due to the sharp drop in employment in the hospitality industry, which fell by more than 100,000 people compared to the previous month.

On the other hand, this Friday it was published that the industrial production price index (PPI) of the euro zone registered a decrease of 2.9% last October compared to the previous month, when it had increased by 1.6% , in what represents the first drop in the data since May 2020.

In this scenario, the biggest rises in the mid-session were presented by Colonial (2.51%), Fluidra (2.24%), Grifols (1.8%) and Cellnex (1.78%).

On the contrary, Acciona (-2.22%), CaixaBank (-1.46%), Repsol (-1.32%) and Solaria (-1.18%) stood out in the negative.

The rest of the European stock markets presented decreases of 0.23% in London, 0.22% in Paris and 0.22% in Milan, while Frankfurt rose 0.13%.

The price of a barrel of Brent quality oil, a reference for the Old Continent, stood at 87.04 dollars, with a rise of 0.18%, while Texas stood at 81.32 dollars, with a rise of 0.12%

Finally, the price of the euro against the dollar stood at 1.0524 'greenbacks', while the Spanish risk premium stood at 100 basis points, with the interest required on the ten-year bond at 2.768%.