The PP asks Congress for support so that high speed reaches Euskadi "as soon as possible" through the Basque 'Y'

MADRID, 10 Mar.

The PP asks Congress for support so that high speed reaches Euskadi "as soon as possible" through the Basque 'Y'


The PP will bring to the plenary session of Congress this week an initiative to conclude "as soon as possible" the high-speed railway network of the Basque 'Y', which will connect Vitoria, Bilbao, San Sebastián and the French border and will mark the arrival of the high speed train to the Basque Country.

The reason why the Popular Group urges to complete these works is because currently there is no direct communication between Vitoria and Bilbao, so this journey lasts 48 minutes by car and up to three hours by train, with a transfer in Miranda. of Ebro included.

But the thing is that, between San Sebastián and Bilbao, the lightest rail communication requires more than three and a half hours of time, compared to the hour and ten minutes it takes by car. Added to this is that the Basque capitals maintain in their entirety the conventional Spanish route on their way out to the plateau, without having put into service a single high-speed section, which today only reaches from Madrid to Burgos.

For these reasons, the PP believes that the completion of the work "is an undoubted improvement" that not only saves internal communication in Euskadi, but will also provide service to the Atlantic Axis and put into operation a route that will connect the west of the peninsula. with each other and with the rest of Europe.

It is worth remembering that the Minister of Transport, Óscar Puente, recently announced that the Government has already received the favorable environmental impact declaration for the arrival of high speed to Vitoria-Gasteiz, which he described as "decisive progress" in the development of the infrastructure and a step forward to begin the phases of drafting the project and executing works.

Aside from this announcement, the PP wants with its non-legal proposal, reported by Europa Press, to present a schedule for the execution and completion of each of the pending sections, as well as the necessary works for its urban integration in the Basque capitals.

It also demands that the Government incorporate "as many budgetary credits as necessary" to successfully complete the works that complete this railway connection in the shortest possible time.