The PP presents initiatives in Congress in "defense of the hospitality industry, against the threat of Yolanda Díaz"

They will request the appearance of the second vice president to give explanations.

The PP presents initiatives in Congress in "defense of the hospitality industry, against the threat of Yolanda Díaz"

They will request the appearance of the second vice president to give explanations


The Popular Party has registered in the Congress of Deputies a battery of initiatives in "defense of the hospitality industry", against the "threat" of the second vice president and Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz, of "cutting hours and closing on Sundays," according to sources from this political group in a statement.

"If it were up to Pedro Sánchez's Government, bars, restaurants and entertainment venues would close before midnight," warned PPRM national deputy Miriam Guardiola.

Guardiola recalled that "just two weeks ago, and at the threshold of Holy Week and the Spring Festival and many regional festivals in Spain, the vice president of Pedro Sánchez's Government threatened to cut the hours of bars, restaurants and leisure venues", which "damages the image of the sector, scares away tourists and puts thousands of companies, jobs and profits in our economy at risk".

"With such good forecasts for Easter and Spring Festivals, the Sánchez Government cannot put one of our main industries at risk," said the national deputy, who added that "losses of up to 4,000 million euros are estimated. and 3,500 euros per business, as negative consequences of the impact of this measure".

"From the PP we have not only shown our rejection of this threat, but we also demand the appearance of the minister so that she can give explanations and specify her plans," Guardiola stressed, "at the same time that we defend the sector, which we want to help." so that they can continue providing a service of quality and excellence".

"We have an exceptional climate, the best gastronomy in the world and a cultural, heritage and leisure offer unique in the world, so we must protect the main industry of our country, which contributes almost 13 percent of the GDP and provides jobs to more than 2.6 million people in Spain", the deputy stressed.

"We are going to protect our economy from irresponsible interventionists," said Guardiola, which is why "we announce a parliamentary offensive to defend our hospitality and tourism, a source of pride for our country and generators of wealth, employment and well-being, which complies with the regulations and offers a service of quality and excellence".

"On the other hand, for the Sánchez Government, tourism is a precarious sector, with low added value and seasonal, and Yolanda Díaz's inflammatory and irresponsible statements only do unjustified damage," Guardiola criticized.

The parliamentarian pointed out that "across Spain, Randstad expects that Holy Week will generate 116,200 contracts, 18.6% more than a year ago", and that in the Region "it will create 3,650 contracts, 17.5% more than a year ago." one year".

Furthermore, "employment in the tourism sector of the Region has set a record in the month of February, reaching 61,772 Social Security affiliates, which is 2,454 more workers than the same month of the previous year (4.2 percent). and the highest figure for the second month of the year".

"It is regrettable that we have a central government that, instead of taking care of the jewel in the crown such as our tourism, despises and attacks it," Guardiola stressed. "From the PP we are going to be on the side of the hospitality industry and the citizens, who frontally reject these policies more typical of past regimes than of a modern democracy," he concluded.