RELEASE: Christelle Kocher teams up with Jelenew for curated collection

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Christelle Kocher teams up with Jelenew for curated collection

(Information sent by the signatory company)

-Revolutionizing sportswear with couture concepts and techniques, Chanel couture director Christelle Kocher teams up with Jelenew for curated collection

WILMINGTON, Del., March 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- With a common gene of high fashion and a shared pursuit and understanding of sport, women's sports brand Jelenew has enlisted Christelle Kocher to introduce a new season of products. In addition to being the owner of her namesake brand, Christelle Kocher is also the current artistic director of CHANEL's atelier, MAISON LEMARIÉ.

Created just for women, Jelenew is a sports brand that redefines performance and aesthetics. Co-founded by Olympic cycling medalist and former world champion Marion Clignet and driven by Christelle Kocher with extensive couture experience, Jelenew aims to introduce next-generation protective sports apparel and equipment for modern women. Jelenew's design team, with extensive experience in high fashion techniques, has developed solutions to garment fit problems using Jelenew's patented CurveTec™ technology. This technique not only reduces friction during movement but also provides sufficient muscle protection and power generation. Additionally, Jelenew uses curvilinear zoning techniques to combine technical fabrics suitable for different functional areas, creating a smart air conditioning system that addresses temperature and humidity issues. Jelenew prevents friction and discomfort in sensitive areas by using premium seamless fitting processes, friction-free flatlock seams, and scientific seam placement. Kocher's contribution offers Jelenew the latest design concepts and knowledge from the field of haute couture, integrating her talents in the field of fashion and sports.

Jelenew invites talented creative directors from leading luxury brands to collaborate in an effort to draw attention to the sport of cycling with unique design ideas. Kocher's mastery in couture design harmoniously combines various techniques and design elements. The elegant white feather helmets he built for Kanye West left a mark on pop culture, his Klimt-style AC Milan t-shirts bring a unique touch to women's luxury brands... Jelenew believes his talent and knowledge are crucial to an innovative collection inspired by bicycle racing. Like Thelma and Louise in the movie Thelma

Kocher joins forces with Jelenew and brings the latest design concepts and the latest technology in the field of haute couture. He also integrates his passion and interpretation of sportswear into Jelenew. This collection is inspired by aviator Beryl Markham's autobiography, West with the Night. Like riding a bicycle, flying is an experience that combines the grandeur of nature with the thrill of speed. The bicycle inspired the Wright brothers to invent the airplane and now, riding a bicycle gives us the courage to experience the world through speed and solitude. Jelenew believes that this courage to explore is the fulcrum for people to find balance with their external environment and relationships.

Taking the pursuit of speed as inspiration for the collection, Jelenew by Christelle Kocher offers a narrative that spans several scenarios, satisfying the aesthetic demands of contemporary active women. This marks an experiment in sportswear and an adventurous quest for freedom and independence, delving into the beauty of Africa represented by Beryl Markham. Jelenew leverages the influence of fashion to draw attention to cycling, attracting more people to the charm of cycling through unique design and creativity.

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