The Renove plan for agricultural machinery, worth 9.5 million, will benefit more than 1,000 farmers and ranchers

MADRID, 22 Sep.

The Renove plan for agricultural machinery, worth 9.5 million, will benefit more than 1,000 farmers and ranchers


More than 1,000 farmers and ranchers will benefit from the aid from the Agricultural Machinery Park Renewal Plan (Renove) 2023, from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, which has allocated the highest budget to date for this program with a total of 9.5 million euros, which is 45% more than last year.

Agriculture has specified that this is still the provisional data recorded once the application period ended, which was completed on September 15, and estimates that 96% of the applications will be accepted and the available funds will be exhausted.

This year's call is the largest of those carried out so far, both in terms of the number of applications and the budget allocated. 1,084 applications have been accepted, with a subsidy amount of almost 9.5 million euros.

The total investment made by farmers and ranchers in the acquisition of new machinery exceeds 38.5 million euros, with aid covering almost a quarter of the total (24.5%).

This call will encourage the incorporation of modern agricultural machines, equipped with the latest technologies and that are more respectful of the environment, more efficient, safe and ergonomic.

In this way, the machines that receive the most subsidies are direct seed seeders, with 586 renewed units, followed by equipment for applying phytosanitary products and fertilizer spreaders, with 197 and 107 units, respectively, while the replacement of crushers Vegetable waste has also been very well received, with 102 units.

Most of the units acquired will help farmers adopt the practices provided for in the eco-regimes of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

Regarding the distribution by autonomous communities, the provisional figures reflect that Castilla y León is well ahead of the rest, with 733 units and more than 6.5 million euros of subsidy, followed by Aragón, with 174 units and aid of 1 .5 million euros; and Catalonia, with 59 units subsidized with 509,000 euros.

In 2023, this Renove plan has maintained the differentiation in two lines of investment from the last calls, but on this occasion one of them has been directed at direct sowing seeders and the other for the rest of the machinery.

The objective of establishing a specific line to subsidize the purchase of direct sowing seeders is that this type of machinery is the most important tool to carry out conservation agriculture that reduces work in the field, CO2 emissions, increases the organic matter content of the soil and prevents its erosion.

In the line for the acquisition of other types of machinery there is equipment such as localized slurry application systems, phytosanitary product application systems or pruning debris crushers, whose renewal also contributes to environmental objectives in line with the ministry's policies. .