Unions call a 24-hour strike at Accenture subsidiaries for March 14

MADRID, 12 Mar.

Unions call a 24-hour strike at Accenture subsidiaries for March 14


The unions CCOO, CGT, ELA, LAB, SIIE and UGT-Andalucía have called a 24-hour strike this Thursday, March 14, on behalf of the legal representation of workers (RLT) of the companies Tecniológica Ecosistemas, Energuia Web, AOS and Informática de Euskadi, subsidiaries of Accenture, for the multinational's decision "to freeze salaries across the board for the workforce this year."

Specifically, this new day of strike, which arises as a result of the one called on December 14 and to which more than 8,500 workers are called, is supported by the unions that are part of the different works councils of these companies.

The unions have highlighted that the conflict is motivated "by Accenture's decision to freeze salaries across the board for the workforce this year, despite the high salary devaluation they are suffering due to the rise in the Consumer Price Index ( IPC) and the high profits it has obtained in recent years".

"This, added to the company's refusal to seek solutions through the opening of a salary negotiation table with the RLT, makes us make the decision to exercise our right to strike," union sources have stated.

To seek a solution to this situation, the workers have demanded the "immediate" opening of a salary negotiation table in which the unions will propose an annual salary increase based on the CPI plus a differential and a retroactive review from a date to be agreed upon; the non-absorption of the voluntary improvement in payrolls through any increase in another salary concept, and the equalization of salary tables in all State offices.

The purpose of these proposals, as the unions have explained, is "to avoid the devaluation of salaries that occur year after year and to ensure that there are no differences in the payrolls of employees of the same professional category due to the fact that they belong to another." province", considered proposals "absolutely reasonable and acceptable in economic terms by Accenture", given that it is a company "that in recent years has broken profit records".

"We will go to that negotiating table with a negotiating predisposition to any counterproposal that articulates any salary review mechanism that compensates for inflation, but a more equitable distribution of business profits among the colleagues who generate them is absolutely necessary," they stated.

This Thursday, March 14, there are also several demonstrations and rallies called at 11:00 a.m. in Bilbao, Madrid, Malaga and Seville, coinciding with the called strike day.

From January 2020 to February 2024, the CPI has increased by 16.7%, which represents a loss of 61 days of purchasing power wages, "while only Tecniológica has obtained 110 million euros of profits during these years, with a 70% increase in the latest closed accounts, and a 36% increase in the remuneration of its board of directors", the unions have concluded.