Nutrition in the new 20s: 20 Euro for the Sausage

How do we nourish us in the year 2028? Kitchens you do not need and meat fans samples of the uprising. Two reports from the future. the cooking pot Belongs to

Nutrition in the new 20s: 20 Euro for the Sausage

How do we nourish us in the year 2028? Kitchens you do not need and meat fans samples of the uprising. Two reports from the future.

the cooking pot Belongs to, in the future, the past? Photo: getty images

The eat outside is growing on the wall

In the year 2028, an article on planning for a garden city on the outskirts of Leipzig, is published in the architecture magazine Bauwelt. "Laubomat" is the name of the project in the vicinity of the sash. Six horse mackerel in the middle of much Green, even vertical gardens, so planted the walls of the building are planned, and the prices affordable. Even more money can save the new inhabitants, if you do without a kitchen. And, the Bauwelt writes, many decide to do so.

With the construction Vorwerk has become involved, once-through kitchen machine called Thermomix known. The company based in Wuppertal, Germany is a pioneer in the automatic cooking. In the building of the Laubomat settlement provides a Central your kitchen robot to prepare at any time for up to 640 residents individual dishes. Ordered via the App from a database of up to 5,000 recipes.

Who wants to, gets a day according to the own preferences – Vorwerk's called the "taste-Timeline" – a menu selection. The dishes and drinks you can pick up or deliver, there are provided spaces in the Laubomat but also several so-called Community, to eat together.

Interesting is the price model. The least numbers of future residents to the Central Board, if it grows dishes to order, what to see in the gardens and on the walls of the settlement. The project combines new ways of community living with the principles of the solidarity-based agriculture and the new possibilities of digitalization.

those Who want to afford their own kitchen, is not excluded from the offer. Depending on how the apartments are at the end specifically designed to want to Vorwerk offer such residents a ingredients service on the Laubomat-crop based. So far, had ordered 10 percent of the apartments with a kitchen, most buyers select*inside a small kitchen module, quoted Bauwelt Marita Ndiaye from the planning office, "Digital Green Living", which has accompanied the emergence of the Laubomat in a leading role.

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Similar projects are already in the United States, with the Laubomat the model also reaches Germany and Europe. "It was only a matter of time," says the sociologist and nutritionist Herlinde Manninger. Because in spite of the ever increasing interest in all issues related to the food cooking itself back into the Background. "It is an everyday practice, which is only cultivated in certain circles and layers on a regular basis."

Manninger refers to the gastronomic landscape that has emerged in recent years in the cities. "Night markets, such as in Paris or Amsterdam, there will be soon also in Berlin and Hamburg," she says. The scientist sees this as a further "Browning" of the food culture, which means that, Essentially, outside the home is eaten at any time.

the structure of The day through Breakfast, lunch and dinner to lose more of its value. The conditions, says the sociologist, also with the closer living and to do the since the years, tight rent situation. Their observation is that kitchens are already for years always smaller or disappear silently from the apartments. "We live increasingly in a Catering company," says Manninger.

With the Laubomat a project in the periphery of the new developments. "We want to advance with the project in the area of Micro-Catering", says Daniel mittelsten Scheid of the Vorwerk Executive Board. After the merger with the large kitchen supplier Rational Vorwerk has become the market leader for industrial robotics in Europe.

Specially for the Laubomat a KI had been developed with an interface to the horticultural area, the kitchen can adjust for days in advance, the food supply of the expected harvest. What will not be recycled, hike in the Bio-reactors, the production of Humus, says Daniel mittelsten Scheid. The composting heat produced will be used for heating and energy production for the settlement.

It is especially many self-employed people with their families from Leipzig and Dresden, the opt for the Laubomat, says Marita Ndiaye. Over 50 percent of the apartments were sold. A small irony of history: the start of construction to the South of Großpösna to on 26. June 2029, so exactly five years after the day on which the Saxon protection of the Constitution at the same place, the prepper settlement Carthago charged and was dissolved.


vegetarian sausage at the Oktoberfest

For the first Time since the founding of the Federal Republic of Germany to sausage demonstrations come. Reason, since the beginning of the year increase in pork prices. In front of the gates of Tönnies in Rheda-Wiedenbrück near Gütersloh, several Hundred people gathered, according to police. On banners, the demonstrators had written inside "meat is a human right", "We want no banana Republic", and: "Now it's about the sausage".

The number of the Participants remained under the expectations of the organizers of Pevida (Patriotic Europeans against the Vegeta design of the Occident). At rallies in other slaughterhouses, and before that, the Federal agriculture Ministry in Berlin, only a few dozen demonstrators*were counted on the inside.

since a few years pork will be more expensive. Since 2025, there are always cases of African swine fever (ASF) in Western Europe – with the consequence of a large stock of slaughter. The demand has decreased, but only for a short time, the ASF Virus is harmless to humans. In the past two years, the export ratio fell, because the pig farmers were able to redeem on the domestic market more than by selling to China.

Also, the CO2 tax, which applies from 2023, not experts for the blatant price increases of the past few months is responsible. You have led, according to the Federal Statistical office, the meat consumption is only 60 kilograms per capita in the year, the beginning of the decade there were still about 85 kilograms.

deficiency: Many basic foodstuffs are still rationed long after the end of the First world war, the ratio of meat and potatoes will be offered in the cities, often at exorbitant prices. In Berlin it comes to unrest until 1923 Food.

standardization: the lady of The house is in a social fashion word. The bourgeois middle class is largely dienstbotenlos. The women should take care of the house work and the cooking. In order to address the Overload, are discussed in various proposals. The idea to cook, as a community, in the so-called einküche houses, comes new, but is replaced by the standardization and rationalization of the kitchen. In 1926, the Frankfurt kitchen, the archetype of the modern built-in kitchen.

Currently in place, the farmers, the increased feed costs to meat prices. After eight hot summers worldwide Corn and soy are in the Silos almost. Meret Anjou left the party calls on nevertheless the coalition government to impose a Moratorium on the meat tax and the CO2-pricing at least for the coming year.

But not even Dennis knight, the President of the farmers Association, (Green), wants her to follow. "The pricing has an important steering effect on the further process of conversion to organic farming," he said. Meat with organic quality is, therefore, an average of only about 5 percent more expensive than meat from conventional animal husbandry.

How has the consumption of meat is also reflected on the upcoming Oktoberfest. At the joint press conference to announce the hosts showed that they want to offer sausages in this year, for the first time in all the tents-vegetarian-and-white. After two years ago, in the gravel of mutton, and in the löwenbräu more guests in the tent then asked as to the roast chicken, had requested the city to successfully trademark protection for the "Munich Zutzler".

Heribert Wimmer, spokesman for the brewers said, of course, the old Sausage to stay in the range. This year is going to cost you but for the first time, 20 Euro, just as much as a measure of Weis beer.

Pevida announces meanwhile, also at the Oktoberfest for "just meat prices" demonstrate. When asked about Oktoberfest-speaker Wimmer just says: "Yes mei, some cry throat learn it never." He gave to understand, you will possibly find a little corner for the protesters. In the tents but, Wimmer combative, "have announced that we house right."

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