Siemens and the coal mine Adani: Kaeser fucked Neubauer

Siemens-Chef Joe Kaeser has drawn the climate activist Luisa Neubauer on the table. In the logic of the group, it's worth it. After the conversation with Lui

Siemens and the coal mine Adani: Kaeser fucked Neubauer

Siemens-Chef Joe Kaeser has drawn the climate activist Luisa Neubauer on the table. In the logic of the group, it's worth it.

After the conversation with Luisa Neubauer: Joe Kaeser questions of the Journalist answered:interior photo: Soeren Stache/dpa

Siemens-Chef Joe Kaeser has exploited the climate activist Luisa Neubauer and Fridays for Future movement to a maximum of skillfully for his purposes: On Friday, he met with Neubauer, offered her a Job on the Supervisory Board of the future company Siemens Energy, talked about's climate. All this to announce on Sunday that Siemens is pulling out of his business to the Australian coal mine Adani back.

foams for The climate movement. "Joe Kaeser makes an inexcusable error," said Neubauer. Why in the world Kaeser awakened with the Meeting with Neubauer only the expectation that his group is pulling out of the project – to do exactly the opposite? To deliver, as provided in signal engineering for a 200-km-long railway line, over the almost 60 million tons of coal a year to roll. This corresponds to the annual consumption of Germany in the year 2016.

from Siemens ' perspective, it all makes a lot of sense. Kaeser has exploited Neubauer's reputation as a climate activist is simply. For a Signal to Investor and contractor*interior. The Rage of the climate-moving part of the German Public, he takes in stride. Because he is for the Siemens matter.

A few Consumers like the interior might be thinking: Then I can't buy your next stove, the next vacuum cleaner, the next refrigerator from penalty from Siemens. But you're only punishing the Stuttgart-based company Bosch. The used the brand names Siemens for consumer goods, Kaeser has to do with nothing more. The light bulb manufacturer Osram, Siemens has sold a long time ago. Kaeser must, therefore, have no fear of falling sales due to the boycott call.

on The contrary, Siemens sells Software for building or factory automation, rail vehicles, power plants, wind turbines and provides the infrastructure for Oil and gas companies. Not just the things you are buying as a private consumer,*in.

The power plant business is to be divided in addition, and in the fall of the stock market. Siemens will continue to lose shares and will not therefore need above all else: jobs from the Oil and gas industry, because business partners around the world receive the Signal that the group would be fragile because of a few angry pupils contract. The damage to our image to potential clients, from the fossil fuel industry is for the Siemens is much more expensive than the image at home damage. The costs for the time being, nothing at all.

All of this is so obvious, it Kaeser is not noticed for sure on Sunday when Breakfast coffee. All this he already knew, when he agreed to Meet with Neubauer. Kaeser has fucked the climate activist to be such after line and thread.

The Meeting with Neubauer served only a single purpose: to The investors to show that the issue of climate boss thing is in the case of Siemens. That the boss cares. And in the future promises of improvement. The investors, of which we are talking about here are powerful institutional investors such as pension funds, Church funds or insurance companies. Because they think in the long term, climate change is a financial risk – so they insist that companies such as Siemens convert gradually.

Some of them, such as Axa, Union Investment, the pension Fund of the Church of England or of the Caritas have, for example, joined the Alliance, "climate action 100". They manage a total of 35 trillion dollars and hold in Germany, shares of Siemens, BASF, HeidelbergCement, Daimler, BMW, Eon, RWE, Volkswagen and Thyssenkrupp.

For those investors, Kaeser organized the whole circus. Whether you will be satisfied with, is still open. You would deduct your capital, that would be a clear public Signal to other companies that have climate-smut in the Portfolio. However, the idea of such investors is to stay precisely the in the company, in order to have a say. Whether you use it, it will show soon: On-5. February is the annual General meeting at Siemens. We grilled Kaeser there because of the Adani business, it would be a win for Neubauer and the climate movement.

Updated Date: 13 January 2020, 19:00

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