Airlines will die off due to Corona - Lufthansa threatens to be particularly fierce blow

a New shock from Washington: Europe's airlines prepare for entry stops in the USA to even more flight cancellations. Among other things, Lufthansa has requeste

a New shock from Washington: Europe's airlines prepare for entry stops in the USA to even more flight cancellations. Among other things, Lufthansa has requested following information of the German press-Agency, short-time work for employees on the ground and in the cabin. The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the industry as a whole will be even harder.

"The capital strong market leaders will not achieve in this very difficult year of your goals. They are, however, prepared for such a crisis, and will ultimately benefit from the traffic of the weaker companies,“ says Gerd Pontius of the consulting company Prologis. Lufthansa 10,06 EUR +1,30 (+14,84%) Xetra

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in danger of the rate of data

Lufthansa failure of 1600 flights in the USA

Yet the concrete effects of the US Bans on flight plan and operating is unclear, a spokesman for Lufthansa said on Thursday. It is clear, however, that have worsened the Situation with the announcements by US President Donald Trump once again and there will be further flight cancellations. For the time being the British, who may continue to enter the United States are excluded.

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the President referred to a 30-day period were the European Airlines more than 7,200 flights in the US planned, as an evaluation of the portal "" shows. 1600 only in the Lufthansa group. Bernstein Analyst Daniel Roeska expects, analogous to the US-China traffic up to 90 percent Cancellations.

Lufthansa a three-digit number of airplanes on the ground,

This would be the Lufthansa hard, which dominates with its partners, United and Air Canada, with 36 per cent, the largest share of the market over the North Atlantic and that a regular and high profit shares.

In the Lufthansa Aviation Center at Frankfurt airport, the crisis is in session staff permanently, with the primary goal to push the fixed costs. A three-digit number of aircraft is Reportedly already on the ground, short-time work for the employees on the ground and in the cabin are already applied.

"industry suffers from the principle of the experts lack"

expert Pontius welcomed the waiver of dismissals: "Basically, the industry suffers from a expert lack. It is therefore a good idea to keep the people.“

All of the latest information on Coronavirus, you can find in the News Ticker of FOCUS Online.

Already the day before, the group of 23,000 flights for the period to 24. April deleted. Usually, the companies of the largest air transport group in Europe, on average 3200 flights per day flying. To date, the group has announced its program for Lufthansa, Swiss, Austrian, Eurowings and Brussels up to half of match stress, where it is now will not remain.

Pro flight threatens six-figure loss

As helpful to the announcement of the European Union to suspend the rules for takeoff and landing rights at busy airports is. The Airlines need not fear, therefore, in Europe, in order to their Slots, even if they are not supported.

internationally is still unclear, reported expert Pontius. The companies tried, of course, against the risk, what in many places is not possible. "Ultimately, you have to the Slot weigh that against the large losses due to empty flights. Especially on long-haul routes, the loss per flight can reach quite a six-digit amount.“

shares lose half their value

For the shares in the airline and travel industry since the outbreak of the Virus, only the way down. Since the turn of the year, the prices of Lufthansa and British Airways parent IAG have dropped by more than 40 percent, the Air France-KLM and the travel group Tui by more than half. The papers of Ryanair were on the whole better, also because the Airline flying to more remote destinations such as China and the USA anyway. Around 45 per cent in the Minus was the airport operator, Fraport, which has a lot of fees and Revenues.

Here you can read all the News on the development on the stock exchanges.

The shares of Airbus and Boeing had to leave, with discounts of around 50 percent also have strong springs. The European Airbus group thinks, according to the news Agency Bloomberg about to throttle the production of the modernized Langstreckenjets A330neo. Prior to that, the Malaysian had announced big customer of Air Asia X, the acceptance of additional Jets in the series because of the Coronavirus-crisis to postpone. To include the A330neo customers, the Chinese HNA group, and the Iranian airline Iran Air, whose countries are affected by the Virus particularly strong.

Boeing hits a crisis at an inopportune time

The Virus had spread to the Asia-Pacific Region where air traffic has been growing for years, particularly strong. A majority of the orders in the books at Airbus and Boeing comes from Airlines from the Region. The US group, the crisis hits for reasons other than untimely. For his most sought-after type of aircraft Boeing 737 Max is one year since now, because of two crashes, with about 350 deaths, is a world-wide flight ban. The manufacturer cost of the Disaster is already in the billions. Already in 2019, took Boeing more cancellations than new orders for passenger and Frachtjets. In January and February, the misery continued.

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