COMMUNICATION: ELON, leading company in photovoltaics in the Basque Country

(Information sent by the signing company).

COMMUNICATION: ELON, leading company in photovoltaics in the Basque Country

(Information sent by the signing company)

The cheaper technology in photovoltaic panels combined with extensive experience in the sector, positions ELON Energías Renovables as a leader in the Basque Country. Its commitment to sustainability is its fundamental value and, in a few months, new ecofriendly self-consumption services will be launched

The stabilization in terms of prices of photovoltaic installations in Spain has given rise to municipalities and individuals betting on renewables to lower costs. The company ELON Energías Renovables is positioned as a leader in photovoltaics in the Basque Country, thanks to its commitment to customers, assistance 365 days a year and personalized solutions according to the type of installation. One of its main strengths is the improvement of customer service, based on the resolution of doubts. On the ELON website there is a self-consumption calculator section, where you can recreate a photovoltaic installation in a home and know the approximate cost according to the conditions of the building, location and state of the roof. Solar panel installations in Euskadi ELON Renewable Energy has success stories in different parts of the Basque Country. The rapid installation, of only 1 or 2 days, has made entrepreneurs and owners of single-family homes launch themselves into the market of the future: photovoltaic solar energy. In the case of Plentzia, the garage roof was used for the installation of panels solar, due to the fact that the slope of the roof of the house was not optimal for the assembly. In the installation that was carried out in the town of Gorliz, the Basque Government has subsidized a total of €3,234, which will be paid to the client within a six months. One of the last installations that ELON has carried out has been in Artziniega. Two batteries have been installed in this house that will provide sufficient energy during the hours when there is no electricity and can even feed into the electricity grid to receive compensation. Self-management of consumption Thanks to the energy monitoring solutions offered by the specialized Basque company in solar energy, you can have a record of the consumption data. Another of the extras that monitoring has is the knowledge of the efficiency of the installation at any time of the day. The specialists who work at ELON ensure that energy costs are reduced, the investment is returned quickly, achieving tangible savings and it can also be make compensation for discharge into the network. ELON Renewable Energy's commitment to sustainability is one of its strongest differentials. In the coming months they will announce the launch of new self-consumption projects based on ecofriendly values.

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