COMMUNICATION: Learning situations and LOMLOE: Educational transformation with ProcencIA

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COMMUNICATION: Learning situations and LOMLOE: Educational transformation with ProcencIA

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With the implementation of the LOMLOE law, educators in Spain face the challenge of creating effective 'learning situations', increasing their workload. Faced with this challenge, ProcencIA emerges, a revolutionary digital tool that facilitates academic preparation. This press release explores how ProcencIA is transforming the educational landscape, offering solutions that save time and improve the quality of teaching in different communities and languages

Barcelona, ​​April 16, 2024.-

The revolution in the classroom: how LOMLOE boosts learning situations with the help of ProcencIAAs the LOMLOE law prepares for its implementation in the 2024/2025 academic year, a significant challenge is presented for early childhood, primary and THAT. This legislation introduces the need to design specific "learning situations" for each educational topic, which represents not only a bureaucratic challenge, but also a considerable investment of time and creativity on the part of teachers. The task of creating between 7 and 9 situations of learning, with each one demanding between 8 and 10 hours of work, is monumental. C. Aparicio, innovator behind ProcencIA and director of educational centers, notes, "Changes in educational laws often impose new structures, but it is assumed that teachers will simply adapt. In reality, they already face significant administrative burdens, in addition to teach students with increasing learning difficulties." ProcencIA: the innovative solution for teachers Faced with this challenge, ProcencIA emerges, a digital system designed to simplify this new demand on teachers. Through a simple form, teachers can generate learning situations in minutes, using artificial intelligence to create an initial outline that they can then personalize. "Our goal is to save teachers time, allowing them to focus on what really matters," explains Aparicio. ProcencIA stands out for its ability to adapt to the various autonomous communities of Spain, supporting multiple languages ​​such as Catalan, Basque and Galician. This ensures its usefulness at the national level, facilitating teaching work in all regions. Constantly evolving ProcencIA's commitment to continuous improvement is evident in its development of new functionalities, such as the generation of rubrics, further expanding its support to the community educational.The main advantage of this tool lies in its ability to free teachers from the tedious task of generating learning situations from scratch, allowing them to dedicate more time to customizing and improving them, resulting in a richer educational experience. and profound for both teachers and students.Conclusion: a bright future for educationProcencIA emerges as an essential partner for teachers in Spain, proposing an effective response to the educational challenges of the 21st century. Its positive influence on teaching efficiency and educational quality is unquestionable, and its commitment to constant evolution promises to maintain it as a vital tool in the educational future.

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