COMMUNICATION: Repair your Debt Lawyers pays €32,500 in Sabadell (Barcelona) with the Second Chance Law

(Information sent by the signing company).

COMMUNICATION: Repair your Debt Lawyers pays €32,500 in Sabadell (Barcelona) with the Second Chance Law

(Information sent by the signing company)

The law firm specialized in the Second Chance Law has exceeded the figure of 107 million euros of debt

Repair your Debt Lawyers, the leading law firm in Spain in the processing of the Second Chance Law, has achieved another debt cancellation in Catalonia. Through the management of Repair your Debt Lawyers, the Court of First Instance No. 7 of Sabadell (Barcelona) has issued an exemption from unsatisfied liabilities in the case of María Fuertes, who had accumulated a debt of 32,500 euros that she could not face. SEE SENTENCEMaría Fuertes explains her story of over-indebtedness: "" I got divorced, my ex-husband didn't help at all with my children. I had to pay for college, I also had to pay because my son went to the Army and I took out a loan. Then I needed a car because I had to go to work and I couldn't move because I started very early ". The court ruling frees her from all her debts. Therefore, she says that "the truth is that I am very happy. I feel very good, calm. It is true that I have had very difficult times but I think it has been worth it. It costs a lot to be patient and even more so when you have things to pay, you have a child to feed because he doesn't have a job. "I would advise people with debts to get informed. You make it easy to pay it", he concludes. WATCH VIDEO. According to Repara tu Deuda Abogados, "Spain incorporated the Second Chance Law into its legal system in 2015. It is legislation originating in the United States, where it has been in force more than 100 years, and to which figures as relevant as Walt Disney or Steve Jobs have been welcomed. Its spirit is to offer a second chance to all those people in a situation of over-indebtedness so that they do not have to live drowned by payments that they cannot afford and also eliminate the stigma suffered by those who have experienced economic setbacks."Repara tu Deuda Lawyers has helped, since it launched its activity in 2015, many people in desperate situations who did not know where to ask for help.To date, there are already 20,000 who have put their case in the hands of the law firm specializing in Second Chance Law. This law firm has managed to exceed the figure of 107 million euros exonerated to its clients, which makes it the leader in the debt cancellation market for individuals and the self-employed, processing most of the cases that are carried out at the national level. Legislation allows individuals and the self-employed to be exempted from paying debt provided that a series of prerequisites are met, such as that the amount owed is not exceeds 5 million euros, that the judge considers that they have acted in good faith and that they have not been convicted of socioeconomic crimes in the last ten years.

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