Data scandal: Facebook informs affected users about data misuse

The data of 87 million Facebook users may have been passed on. Now Facebook notifies the affected. There is clear criticism from the industry.

Data scandal: Facebook informs affected users about data misuse

In scandal of possible misuse of more than 80 million user data, Facebook will send notifications to affected users from Monday onwards. This was shared by company.

According to group, users of social network whose data may have been evaluated by British company Cambridge Analytica are more than 70 million from USA. About a million users each lived in UK, Indonesia and Philippines. In addition, all 2.2 billion Facebook users should receive a notification of privacy and use of apps within network.

In a few days, Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg must testify before a committee of US Congress. Last Wednesday, during a conference call, he had spoken of a "huge mistake" and acknowledged that Facebook was not sufficiently aware of his responsibilities in world.

In mid-March it was known that British analysis firm Cambridge Analytica had come up with information from millions of Facebook users – via a survey app developer and without having to inform Facebook about it. The data is intended to influence US presidential election by Cambridge Analytica in 2016. According to data from Federal Commission, Cambridge Analytica had received nearly six million dollars from Donald TrumpsPräsidentschaftswahlkampagne.

As a result, users of social network had announced ir intention to close ir accounts. On Monday, for example, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak shared such a move. Facebook's "Profits are all based on information of users, but users get nothing from profits back" he wrote in an email to newspaper USA Today. He would rar pay for Facebook than get exploited. Public criticism is in fact uncommon in technology industry, writes USA Today. Also Apple's boss Tim Cook had criticized Facebook significantly in last week.

Data misuse-How to better protect your data on Facebook © Photo: Claudia Bracholdt

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Date Of Update: 10 April 2018, 12:03

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