NOTICE: Second-hand office furniture to rent and buy, at Mercaoficina

(Information sent by the signatory company).

NOTICE: Second-hand office furniture to rent and buy, at Mercaoficina

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, January 4, 2024.- Furnishing an office from scratch can be very complex and entail large costs. That is why Mercaoficina offers second-hand office furniture for purchase and rental.

Depending on the needs of each space, this firm offers a wide range of chairs, tables, cabinets, sideboards and accessories that make office work easier. Specifically, their second-hand options have a one-year warranty for those who choose this purchase option.

When equipping an office, the debate arises between buying or renting. Considering that this process requires a relevant business decision, it is important to know the pros and cons of both options.

First, it should be noted that not all companies are the same; generally large companies, which have a large budget, usually opt for the purchase of new equipment. In these cases, they completely own the furniture and can use it at their disposal, even years later, they can sell it to update their spaces. But the problem arises when the company does not have the capital to make this purchase decision, which is where second-hand office furniture stands out.

This is a piece of furniture that goes through a restoration process to acquire a second life. By purchasing this equipment, companies also own it and can use it at their disposal and can also reduce up to 70% of the cost of furnishing.

Although this cost is lower than new equipment, constant maintenance must be taken into account, as well as purchasing it from a store and manufacturer that guarantees good results.

Now, companies that do not have the financial capacity to make this purchase have the option of renting. Although the company is not the owner, it has the benefit of making lower and even fractional payments. In this way, they can start their business management without having to make a large financial investment.

When we talk about office furniture, we don't just refer to the chair and the desk. That is why Mercaoficina has specialized in preparing and making available a catalog with complete equipment. This includes chairs and armchairs of different sizes, stools, executive and operational tables for meetings, as well as cabinets, furniture for receptions, shelves, blackboards, coat racks and even trash cans.

As it is an extensive catalogue, this firm provides a customer service space to contact an expert and request information on a specific product. As they are reconditioned products, Mercaoficina offers a full year warranty for all second-hand furniture.

Today, any type of company, regardless of its size and focus, can purchase quality furniture that fits its budget. In this way they should not stop their operations due to lack of logistical equipment.

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