RELEASE: Zero Latency offers virtual reality entertainment

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Zero Latency offers virtual reality entertainment

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, January 4, 2024.- Today, virtual reality technology offers a unique and different entertainment experience. In this sense, in spaces such as those of the Zero Latency chain, it is possible to enjoy different games with friends or other people. With more than 100 centers spread around the world, Zero Latency has undoubtedly become a very reliable alternative to enjoy 21st century leisure.

In particular, the premises of this company located on London Street in Madrid have an area of ​​around 1000 square meters and are one of the largest in Europe. In addition, this company has a presence in other cities such as Barcelona, ​​Zaragoza, Málaga, Bilbao, La Eliana, Terrassa and in the Intu Xanadú in Arroyomolinos. In all these establishments, it is possible to enjoy 6 games: Sol Raiders, Far Cry, Outbreak, Singularity, Engineerium and Undead Arena.

This company's stores offer a gaming experience that is based on Free-Roam VR virtual reality technology. In all cases, users are transported inside the game through different devices that provide a physical and mental experience. This combination of technology and software constitutes a cutting-edge social entertainment experience.

In turn, the gaming spaces offered by this company have been designed on a large scale and have capacity for up to 8 players. When teams enter this arena, Zero Latency deploys different creative resources to transform the playing space and enhance the user experience. It should be noted that players can move freely through the enabled area without having to worry about walls and without being physically connected to any hardware element, so the feeling is one of total freedom.

All players who come to these locations are provided with the necessary elements to enjoy a comprehensive gaming experience. First of all, it is essential to use top-brand VR glasses with 4K resolution. In this way, a feeling of total immersion in the virtual environment is guaranteed.

Additionally, each user must carry a weapon that has been exclusively designed by Zero Latency. These elements are balanced in terms of shape and weight. In this way, they enhance the virtual reality experience. Another essential item is the helmet with built-in headphones and microphone. This equipment offers high sound quality and a fluid communication path between players.

At Zero Latency locations, it is possible to enjoy a high-level virtual reality entertainment experience. Each game session lasts 60 minutes, including the briefing session and the players' equipment, and it is advisable to book in advance, since it is common to do so days and even weeks in advance.

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