PRESS RELEASE: Caliplac's sandwich panel for roofs

(Information sent by the signatory company).

PRESS RELEASE: Caliplac's sandwich panel for roofs

(Information sent by the signatory company)

León, August 10, 2023.- The sandwich panel for roofs has become an important ally for contractors who carry out construction, reform or rehabilitation projects of real estate. Each sandwich panel is made up of 3 layers perfectly assembled to provide durable covers with all the technical specifications required by regulations.

Its development and manufacture corresponds to the manufacturing company Caliplac, which has been developing this type of parts and also the methodology to mount them on the roofs. Together with the advice of the company's staff, they have become allies of projects that can now be covered quickly and efficiently.

Uses of the sandwich panel for roofs

Caliplac is a company located in Toral de los Vados, which is defined as a national benchmark in the manufacture of sandwich panels for roofs. They assure that they are one of the best alternatives to the traditional construction of roofs, since their products contemplate the current requirements of thermal and acoustic insulation.

The company's research and development team has manufactured sandwich panels for roofs, suitable for all types of enclosures. Its insulating core is made with Extruded Polystyrene (XPS), while its interior layers or views vary depending on the desired finishes. You can choose from a wide variety. For example, fir frieze panels, waterproof chipboard, wood cement, phenolic plywood, plasterboard and Heraklith.

Caliplac ensures that, thanks to its special design and multilayer assembly, these panels offer twice the insulation of roofs made with traditional materials. Despite this high efficiency, they are extremely light pieces, which allows their use in rehabilitations and reforms, as well as easy handling for their placement in any construction circumstance. This quality makes Caliplac sandwich panels an intelligent alternative to tackle all kinds of construction and/or rehabilitation projects.

Advantages of roof sandwich panels

The use of sandwich panels for roofs offers several advantages within a new construction, renovation, rehabilitation or interior design project. The manufacturing company points out that its panels guarantee, in addition to thermal and acoustic insulation, excellent resistance to humidity and fire. In the case of this brand, its products are approved by European regulations.

The choice of this type of panels allows to reduce the costs on site, thanks to the saving of time in its assembly. This type of dry construction allows the clean and simple placement of all types of roofs, regardless of their surface or their degree of inclination. Added to this is the advantage of being able to choose between different interior finishes. Its decorative possibilities are multiple due to different finishes such as plasterboard, wooden friezes, wood cement, plywood and veneer.

An additional advantage is that the firm Caliplac also offers complementary elements for the placement of the panels. The firm's spokespersons indicate that they are essential so that the panels are kept in good condition and damage is avoided over time. On their website they offer information on all these types of panels, works carried out, assembly system and advantages of using sandwich panels.

Throughout these years, Caliplac has become a benchmark at the national level within the construction sector. Its wooden sandwich panels are manufactured under standard measurements and also with special measurements on request. Due to design, functionality and costs, Caliplac panels are increasingly in demand inside and outside of Spain.


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