PRESS RELEASE: Kaminando Mentes: the way pilgrims experience the Camino de Santiago is changing

(Information sent by the signatory company).

PRESS RELEASE: Kaminando Mentes: the way pilgrims experience the Camino de Santiago is changing

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Kaminando Mentes, guided by Nuria, offers a unique experience of self-discovery and personal transformation through the legendary Camino de Santiago. With an innovative accompaniment program for pilgrims seeking transformation and inner discovery on their journey on the Camino de Santiago

Astorga, August 29, 2023.- This process has been called "Kamino al cuadrado", a space really focused on generating an internal transformation using the emblematic Camino de Santiago as a teacher for the individual's own transformation.

The inner transformation that Kaminando Mentes promises is based on three essential elements: "The nuance of being", "The deconstruction of language" and "The dissociation of the character". In the first point, pilgrims are invited to recognize if the nuance is their own or inherited to achieve a discovery that changes lives. You learn the power that words and thoughts have in building an internal communication that generates healthy actions and favors a positive language. And finally, it seeks to identify and unmask the character of the person and be the true essence; in other words, authenticity is encouraged.

The program consists of six days in which "Morning Transpersonal Resources" are provided and a "Private Moment" is encouraged to work on these resources in an intimate and confidential manner. There is a "Discovery Session" where the pilgrim's doubts, questions and discoveries are thoroughly explored. Subsequently, an "Anchor Consulting" strengthens and consolidates these discoveries and closes the first stage of the approach to the "New Me".

Kaminando Mentes also offers a totally personalized program with different levels of accompaniment to adapt to the individual needs of each pilgrim during their journey. No prior experience in meditation, yoga, or other forms of inner work is required to join this program. The only thing necessary is to maintain an open attitude towards personal growth.

Details about the program's pricing and available payment methods will be provided in a free clarity call for those who are interested. To learn more about the program and how to join it, those interested can visit the website where the "Pilgrim's Guide" is available.

Kaminando Mentes are the only ones specialized in making an inner Camino within the Camino de Santiago, thus turning it into an experience of introspection and self-knowledge, a true transition to a "New ME"

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