RELEASE: Beiersdorf achieves "CDP's Triple A" and maintains the highest rating for its leadership in sustainability

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Beiersdorf achieves "CDP's Triple A" and maintains the highest rating for its leadership in sustainability

(Information sent by the signatory company)

For the second year in a row, renowned non-profit organization CDP recognizes Beiersdorf as a leader in climate, forest and water target setting, compliance and transparency. The "CDP Triple A" score confirms the Beiersdorf CARE BEYOND SKIN Sustainability Agenda, with which the skincare company is driving its sustainable transformation

Hamburg, February 7, 2024 - For the second year in a row, Beiersdorf joins CDP's prestigious "Triple A List" - a list of companies, which present best practices in addressing environmental impacts throughout their Value chains. Of the more than 21,000 companies around the world that submitted their data, the German company listed on the DAX is one of 10 to have received this top rating for 2023. "We are proud to once again receive the top rating from CDP "It reaffirms the major efforts to improve the environmental performance of the product portfolio and decarbonize the business as a whole," explains Vincent Warnery, CEO of Beiersdorf AG. "And it's a way to demonstrate our commitment to driving the industry's sustainable transformation, while delighting consumers and delivering exceptional results." Each year, the nonprofit CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) evaluates the environmental information disclosed by these companies according to strict criteria, such as the management of environmental risks, the completeness of the data presented or the commitment to solid and ambitious objectives. "Our CARE BEYOND SKIN Sustainability Agenda and its environmental commitments are based on science. The climate target, for example, is validated by the Science Based Targets initiative and aims to reduce CO2e emissions by 30% across all areas of 1 to 3 until 2025. This is an industry-leading commitment," explains Jean-François Pascal, Vice President of Sustainability at Beiersdorf AG. Gitta Neufang, Global Senior Vice President of Research and Development at Beiersdorf AG, adds: "There are no objections to transforming even the most iconic skincare products, on a global scale, with more sustainable ingredients and packaging solutions. This allows us to significantly reduce our carbon footprint.”Major achievements in all three dimensions of the CDP In 2023, Beiersdorf reached another important milestone in its climate-friendly journey with the opening of its new production center in Leipzig, Germany. The plant meets the highest environmental and sustainability standards and operates with neutral CO2e emissions through the use of renewable electricity and biogas for heat generation. In the future, Beiersdorf plans to convert this plant into an "Energy" center that generates more sustainable energy than it consumes. To preserve forests as a natural mitigation of climate change and source of biodiversity, Beiersdorf also reinforced its commitment to supporting the smallholders to grow palm oil more sustainably. Together with its long-term partner WWF Germany, Beiersdorf has expanded its project in the Indonesian province of West Borneo, with the aim of certifying a group of 200 farmers according to the international standard of the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil. (RSPO in English) by 2026.Last but not least, the company also acts in the field of water. For the skin care company, water is a fundamental component of many of its product formulas, so it plays a crucial role in production processes and during product use. Together with WWF Germany, Beiersdorf works on water management projects. This includes the responsible planning and management of water resources through a process involving all stakeholders and involving actions both at the Beiersdorf facilities and in the watersheds themselves. As part of its strategic partnership with WWF Germany, Beiersdorf has carried out a comprehensive analysis of water risks and will soon implement long-term improvement objectives along the entire supply chain. Issuer: Beiersdorf

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