RELEASE: Cervezas Gran Vía launches online store: from the web to the refrigerator

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Cervezas Gran Vía launches online store: from the web to the refrigerator

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The company has launched an online store as a new sales channel, with the purpose of expanding its reach and connecting with a larger audience of consumers.

Cervezas Gran Vía launches an online store, marking a significant milestone in its continuous commitment to reach more and more consumers and continue its expansion strategy. It is one more step in the digitalization strategy where the company will offer its entire family of products, from the classic Lager to the latest addition, its sugar-free beer.

The new Cervezas Gran Vía online store provides customers with an excellent shopping experience from the comfort of their homes. You can purchase the four varieties of beer that Cervezas Gran Vía has:.

o Lager Beer, its classic beer, faithful to the tradition of German lagers, but with a recipe evolved to adapt to the vast majority of palates, making it pair with practically everything.

o Toasted Beer, it is a beer for the most demanding who seek intensity of flavor without giving up enjoyment.

o Alcohol-FREE Beer, it is a variation of lager beer without losing the quality and authentic flavor of the beer.

o Sugar-Free Beer, a refreshing beer with a crystalline body, an authentic beer pleasure without regrets.

In addition to a tasting pack with three units of each of them.

The main challenge of the Cervezas Gran Vía team is to continue promoting the business through a transversal application that is fully integrated into the growth and digitalization strategy, while at the same time new sales channels are being incorporated into the company.

To celebrate the launch of the online store, Cervezas Gran Vía will add gifts to the first 50 orders from the online store. Discover the unique experience of tasting 100% malt beers, without additives and full of flavor when

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