RELEASE: Delivery doubles market growth in 2023

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Delivery doubles market growth in 2023

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Delivery has closed the year with a global organic growth in its turnover of 6% and a very significant increase in the press area of ​​almost 11%

Madrid, February 29, 2024.- A few days ago, the advertising investment data in 2023 was published, both in Infoadex and i2p. These encouraging announcements have coincided with the close of the Delivery year and the company's very positive projections for 2024. A large part of the media in the marketing and advertising sector have echoed throughout the month of February the advertising investment data corresponding to the year 2023. As always, there are slight variations between the various sources of information. For Infoadex the market grows around 3.7%, with severe falls in Sunday newspapers and somewhat more contained in newspapers (-2 .1%) and cinema (-3.2%). In the case of i2p, the decline is also perceived in TV and the total growth is 4 points lower. But obviously the differences in search and social media would have to be taken into account, in addition to the fact that i2p takes into account items, such as Influencers, that are not reflected in the Infoadex analysis. Given these data, which are still encouraging, fall somewhat short in relation to the projections that were handled last year, Delivery has closed the year with a global organic increase in its turnover of 6%. Of particular note is Delivery's growth in the press area of ​​almost 11%, in comparison to the market decrease of 2.1% according to Infoadex and 2.8% according to i2p records. Ignacio Monar, CEO of Delivery, explained that they are "very close to recovering pre-COVID figures and in 2023 We have closed our best fiscal year since 2019. Our objective in 2024 is to exceed that year's figure and improve the profits of fiscal year 2023, thank you. We support this growth expectation in the improvement of our business in connected television and the growth of our digital inventory . But also and above all to the investment that at Delivery we are making in talent and service."Delivery continues in the growth phase in all its productive areas, led by Jordi Sabat and Juan Antonio Muñoz-Gallego, especially in relation to IT and product. , with the hiring a few weeks ago of Antonio Martínez as CTO. As specialists in marketing and media management, they have strengthened a key area such as commercial, with the incorporation of Maika Callejas, as Deputy General Director of Commercial, who together with Alberto Pérez, Alicia López and Susana Martín have closed a brilliant year. The entire company focused on sales and business. These reinforcements are a reflection of Delivery's commitment to improve its services to editors and increase business lines. Ignacio Monar has highlighted that "In the coming months we will announce interesting news regarding the positioning of Delivery as well as strategic agreements of great relevance." Delivery aims to help accelerate the business of local publishers in Spain, opening a new avenue for agencies and advertisers. It has the best demonstrable press results in 32 provinces. Issuer: Delivery

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