RELEASE: Digital health: one of the keys to tackling the health crisis, according to Allianz Partners

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RELEASE: Digital health: one of the keys to tackling the health crisis, according to Allianz Partners

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Madrid, February 2, 2023.

Focused on the importance of giving visibility to Health, Allianz Partners publishes its report 'States of Mind: Health', revealing three changes in trends necessary to improve results within health systems

The 'State of Mind: Health' report, published by Allianz Partners, the world leader in Insurance and Assistance, assesses the challenges currently facing health systems worldwide. Among the conclusions that emerge from the report, it stands out that only a third (33%) of those over 65 are concerned about the risk of suffering from chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes. A fact that, according to the entity's experts, is worrying, especially because chronic diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide and the greatest burden faced by health systems. In this context, and under the premise that the health systems of The entire world has been under pressure since the pandemic, the Allianz Partners 'State of Mind' report warns that a sustained 'peak situation' over time can affect some of the sector's priorities and cause them to move to second place. drawing on information shared by leading industry experts, as well as Allianz Partners' own data, the report highlights three shifts in current trends, which can help health systems to address the current crisis with a greater range of action: • Focus on prevention. • Provide key information that empowers people in health matters. • Promote digital health systems. Regarding this last point, digital health seems to be gaining ground in society. Data from Allianz Partners reveal that in the last 2 years there has been an increase of 26 points in the use of 'teleconsultation' among young families. But there is still a marked digital divide between generations. Only 39% of people over 65 are using or would consider using medical 'telemonitoring', contrasting with 66% of young families who would." We cannot ignore that well-being and health are two key elements in society and that they are the responsibility of everyone, not only of professionals in the sector. At Allianz Partners we have assumed the mission of offering quality and accessible Assistance, but also key information and data useful for people", concludes Borja Díaz, CEO of Allianz Partners Spain. More information on the report here.

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