RELEASE: EcoFlow Introduces PowerOcean Home Solar Battery Solution to Continue Driving Energy Independence

The brand has also introduced the PowerOcean DC Fit Retrofit battery storage solution.

RELEASE: EcoFlow Introduces PowerOcean Home Solar Battery Solution to Continue Driving Energy Independence

The brand has also introduced the PowerOcean DC Fit Retrofit battery storage solution

MADRID, June 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- EcoFlow, a company specializing in the development of portable and sustainable energy solutions, takes a step forward in its commitment to provide everyone with the energy they need in their homes with the launch of EcoFlow PowerOcean at ees fair 2023. The new premium 3-phase solar battery solution for home requires a small initial investment, has a robust security system, large power reserve capacity, intelligent control and is designed to achieve the energy independence of the whole home.

With the PowerOcean solar home battery solution and PowerStream balcony solar kit launched on May 31, EcoFlow demonstrates its commitment to providing smart energy solutions tailored to the specific needs of individual homes. Whether users rent or own, live in a flat or house, or have small or large energy needs, EcoFlow empowers every home with reliable and sustainable energy solutions.

As the leader in portable power solutions, EcoFlow, inspired by its own users, is beginning to expand into the realm of home solar battery solutions in 2023. During research in 2022 that spanned 21 cities around the world, EcoFlow observed that many users were retrofitting their own home solar solutions with existing EcoFlow products, concluding that sustainable whole-home energy sources had become a clear demand. In response, EcoFlow decided to bring another way of consuming energy to every home. This has been EcoFlow's dream and mission since day one: to offer green energy solutions for individuals and families.

"Where is EcoFlow going? Towards a future where everyone can take care of their families and be prepared for increasingly frequent energy crises", says Joel Cibil, EcoFlow Country Director Spain. "By providing an energy independence solution for every home, the PowerOcean marks a milestone in EcoFlow's journey to power the world with new energy."

A more affordable home solar battery solution

PowerOcean's key components include an EcoFlow 3-phase hybrid inverter and EcoFlow LFP batteries. Each battery pack features a built-in DC-DC converter, allowing for seamless 48V and 800V conversion, allowing the hybrid inverter to run effortlessly from a single battery pack. Compared to series-connected battery systems that require two to three battery packs to get started, the PowerOcean offers a lower investment option.

With a base capacity of 5 kWh, PowerOcean can be expanded up to 45 kWh by connecting up to nine battery packs, allowing users to customize their own solutions based on their energy needs and affordability. In addition, the battery packs support parallel connection, which prevents the mutual influence of the batteries. As a result, if one of the batteries malfunctions, users only need to change it instead of replacing all of them.

Reliability and safety that set a new standard

Using CATL's battery cell with LFP battery chemistry, PowerOcean offers 6,000 cycle life, which means users can power their homes daily for more than 15 years. Additionally, PowerOcean is backed by a 15-year warranty providing users with an extra level of peace of mind.

In addition, EcoFlow sets a new standard in the industry, as each battery pack has an integrated active fire protection module that activates when the temperature exceeds 170°C. And not only that, self-heating modules in each battery pack ensure battery operation when the temperature is as low as -20°C. In addition, the entire system is IP65 rated, ensuring users' homes are consistently powered in various weather conditions.

The ultimate backup power for any emergency

The EcoFlow Hybrid Inverter is embedded with a standby module that delivers power of up to 10 kW to power almost all household appliances, including water pumps, washing machines, and dishwashers. Added to a battery system expandable up to a maximum of 45 kWh, PowerOcean allows users not to compromise their quality of life in the event of a blackout. In addition, PowerOcean offers ultra-fast automatic switching to power essential appliances when the grid fails, meaning users will hardly notice when the power has gone out.

State-of-the-art, user-friendly design

PowerOcean supports a 10-minute cable-free battery installation and an ultra-fast three-step commissioning process, saving users a lot of time. In addition, the PowerOcean features a neat and compact design with its ultra-slim 180mm battery, which fits in any basement or garage and saves space for other appliances, and a stackable battery design and snap-in battery terminals to eliminate cable clutter . Last but not least, PowerOcean offers an energy management system that is visualized through the app and web portal, allowing users to monitor and manage their energy consumption in real time and save on electricity bills.

PowerOcean DC Fit - Change less, save more

According to EUPD Research, more than 1.67 million residential solar systems have been installed in Germany, but less than 40% of them are integrated with battery storage systems, leaving close to a million households exposed to a tariff declining Feed-in Tariff (FiT) and therefore in need of an economical upgradeable storage solution. As a result, for homeowners who have already installed home solar systems and are looking for energy storage solutions, EcoFlow also offers the PowerOcean DC Fit, which is an easy and cost-effective battery storage solution.

Using EcoFlow's unique PV docking technology, the PowerOcean DC Fit uses the same battery packs as the PowerOcean, and allows its battery packs to connect directly to existing home solar systems, without the need for a grid connection permit. network which can take weeks to request. In addition, the PowerOcean DC Fit does not require any change of AC cables or a storage inverter.

The PowerOcean DC Fit is compatible with most PV inverters on the market thanks to an innovative self-adaptive control algorithm, and features a minimalist all-in-one design that allows seamless integration of batteries and conversion devices. In conclusion, with PowerOcean DC Fit, users can achieve energy self-sufficiency more easily and with less investment, simply by adding storage batteries of up to 15 kWh to existing home solar systems.


EcoFlow PowerOcean and PowerOcean DC Fit will be available from June 14 in Germany. Users can register with their emails on the EcoFlow website to request a free estimate.

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