RELEASE: Fluidra moves its management to the cloud with RISE with SAP

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Fluidra moves its management to the cloud with RISE with SAP

(Information sent by the signatory company)

After the acquisitions made in recent years, Fluidra, the world's leading company in equipment and connected solutions in the pool and wellness sector, wants to consolidate the management of its global business in a single solution and in the private cloud, which is why it has chosen SAP S/4HANA Cloud. In addition, it will manage its workforce - made up of more than 7,000 people - with the cloud HR management solution, SAP SuccessFactors.

Madrid, April 15, 2024.- SAP Spain has announced that Fluidra, a world leader in pool and wellness equipment and connected solutions, has chosen RISE with SAP to accelerate its path to digitalization and enable a business transformation that involves its business, to prepare for future growth.Fluidra is part of the Ibex35, the benchmark index of the Spanish Stock Exchange, and the FTSE4Good Index Series, a benchmark index in terms of sustainability. With more than 7,000 professionals, it stands out for its wide range of innovative and connected products and services, operating in more than 47 countries. After a period of strong inorganic growth, caused by the acquisition of third-party companies, the organization is preparing for its next phase . The different purchases have caused the company's technological environment to be made up of a diversity of business management solutions -ERP- that generate inefficiencies and hinder innovation. For this reason, with the aim of optimizing operations, simplifying internal processes and improving the experience of its customers, Fluidra decided to consolidate all these solutions into a single cloud management system. The analysis of the main ERP solutions led to the company to select SAP S/4HANA Cloud, because it allowed it to cover all its business processes and did so in a modality (clean core), which promotes standard deployment with the objective of reducing the total cost of ownership and being able to take advantage of the innovation of Cloud; and by the ecosystem of partners that SAP has around the world and that guarantees global deployment coverage. To guarantee an agile and seamless transition to a more dynamic, reliable and scalable infrastructure, such as the cloud, Fluidra will use RISE with SAP, a complete offering of solutions, infrastructure and services that facilitates migration. The hyperscaler on which the deployment will be based will be AWS, from a single location located in Europe. The project will be completed with the SAP SuccessFactors cloud HR management solution to manage Fluidra's workforce around the world."In Fluidra We consider that investment in technology is key to guaranteeing the future growth of the company. Both the SAP project and other technological initiatives already underway must ensure the success of our company in the face of future challenges, and are the cornerstone on which it is built. supports our company's digital transformation plan to guarantee the company's possibilities for profitable future growth," said Jordi Mañé, Global CIO of Fluidra. Félix Monedero, general director of SAP Spain, has stated that "the adoption of RISE with SAP has become the basis on which Spanish companies make the leap to the cloud, which is the fundamental step to begin their digitalization and transformation of your business. Its evolution is exponential because it brings together everything necessary to make the change to the cloud easier, offering clients great flexibility and scalability." Issuer: Fluidra

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