RELEASE: Hidromiel Zángana makes mead fashionable again in the Spanish market

(Villanueva de Santo Adriano, February 13, 2024.

RELEASE: Hidromiel Zángana makes mead fashionable again in the Spanish market

(Villanueva de Santo Adriano, February 13, 2024.-) Mead is an ancient fermented alcoholic drink made from honey and water. For centuries, it has been present in the lives of various peoples who have left a very important mark on the history of humanity, such as the Vikings and the Celts, but since then, it has always remained in a small market niche.

In recent years, this has changed and mead has managed to climb positions in the world of alcoholic beverages thanks to a growing number of artisanal and commercial producers who offer this product to consumers looking for new taste experiences. In this context, the Mead Zángana brand has already positioned itself as one of the best in the sector.

The use of carefully selected raw materials is the key to success in the Drone Mead production process. An artisanal drink produced with 100% Spanish honey of the highest quality, this is what guarantees the final result of the product by giving it its characteristic flavor and smell. In this sense, taking into account that Spain is one of the world's largest producers of honey, it is to be expected that its meads are among the best in terms of quality.

Another fundamental aspect in the manufacture of this drink is the quality of the water used, because the correct balance of its minerals facilitates fermentation and improves the quality of the final product. In this case, the privileged location of the factory gives access to the water of the Xanas de Quirós Spring, a resource of the highest quality.

Likewise, a careful fermentation process must be carried out, mixing honey and water in the correct proportions with selected yeasts. In this process, the yeasts transform the sugar provided by the honey into alcohol and carbon dioxide, in addition, the characteristic flavors and aromas of the drink are generated.

Once the fermentation time is over, the drink is ready to be bottled. The choice of bottling time and technique, as well as hygiene, is essential to ensure that it does not become contaminated. Once the product is bottled, the yeasts continue working, producing a natural carbonation inside the bottle that gives the mead its bubbly touch.

Thanks to its careful production process, Hidromiel Zángana is today a recognized product on many Spanish tables. In fact, recently, it won three awards in the V Copa Reina, an event that brings together expert tasters of international stature to taste and select the best meads from across the country.

The Frutos Rojos, Primavera and Original de Zángana varieties were winners in the outstanding event, with gold, silver and bronze medals, respectively in their different categories. With this recognition, the value of Hidromiel Zángana in the Spanish market is highlighted.

Through its online store, the brand puts on the market the different varieties of mead it produces, which can be purchased individually, or in tasting packs of 6 or 12 bottles of the customer's choice.

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