RELEASE: Hirint revolutionizes selection processes with a competency assessment system based on Big Data

Madrid, July 27, 2023.

RELEASE: Hirint revolutionizes selection processes with a competency assessment system based on Big Data

Madrid, July 27, 2023.

Hirint is a company specialized in the analysis of soft skills, which has positioned itself as a benchmark in the optimization of selection processes thanks to a pioneering approach based on the combination of psychology and big data.

Its advanced evaluation system speeds up and improves the selection of personnel, through a customizable tool that allows companies to identify the ideal candidate for each position much more quickly.

With its technology, each company can further customize the evaluation process according to their needs and obtain accurate and reliable results. Accessing a comprehensive view of the candidate profile that would be difficult to obtain otherwise.

Soft skills or soft skills have a decisive weight in the selection process. These are the ones that can tip the balance in favor of one candidate or another, more than technical skills.

Traditionally, their evaluation involves a lengthy and complex procedure that results in the recruitment process taking longer than would be desirable for all parties involved.

Hirint solves this challenge with his skills test. A big data-based system that uses psychological patterns to filter and rank candidates based on their fit to the vacancy predefined by the organization.

This allows companies to manage selection processes in a more effective and objective way. Because this procedure ends the negative influence of psychological biases in the selection and hiring of new employees.

The result is that the level of worker-position-company adaptation is optimal, thus reducing the rate of staff turnover.

The use of the tool has been simplified as much as possible. Companies must select the key competencies to perform the position to be covered, configure the desired level of development and the weight that these will have within the selection.

One of the strengths of this system is that companies can customize the profile and the skills associated with it, which adjusts the tests to be carried out and increases the chances of finding the right person to fill the vacancy.

Once the personalized test has been designed, applicants are invited to participate in the evaluation. Something they can do between 5 and 15 minutes and from any device. After that, a report is sent, copies of which are sent to both the organization and the participant, which gives them valuable feedback.

With the reports obtained and the ranking of results that is generated, hiring managers can make more accurate and objective decisions backed by scientifically proven data.

Hirint's skills assessment test has already been successfully implemented at Infojobs, and in a short time it has enabled the evaluation of the soft skills of more than 600,000 candidates. Resulting in an improvement in the development of selection processes, making them faster and making it easier to find the right profile to fill each position.

Soloptical, Tec de Monterrey, Costco, Jobs and AliatUniversidades are just some of the companies that have experienced greater efficiency in their selection processes thanks to the Hirint test. A system that has proven its ability to help companies find the talent they need, regardless of the sector in which they operate.

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