RELEASE: How to create a company in three days with ESAN Asesores

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: How to create a company in three days with ESAN Asesores

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Barcelona, ​​April 2, 2024.-

Creating a company is now faster than ever thanks to Express Limited Companies

With the new Crea y Crece law of October 2022, the process has been greatly simplified. While traditionally, creating a limited company could take up to 1 month, with an Express SL it is possible to create a company in 72 working hours from contracting the service. How is an Express Limited Company created? To establish a company in the most As quickly as possible, it is necessary to contact an agency registered as an Entrepreneur Service Point (PAE) such as ESAN Asesores, an agency in Barcelona fully qualified and registered to help establish SL Express, guaranteeing a quick and uncomplicated process. Advantages of create an Express SLThe creation of an Express Limited Company offers notable advantages, such as the rapid start of operations in just 72 hours and the efficient management of essential procedures (such as tax and Social Security registration, tax settlement and commercial registration) in just 24 hours after signing. Furthermore, this modality allows a symbolic initial capital of €1, compared to the traditional €3,000. It allows up to 40 activities to be included in the corporate purpose, offering flexibility for future expansions without the need to modify it. The issuance of invoices is immediate, ensuring a definitive CIF in record time. Requirements to create an SL ExpressTo create an SL Express, it is necessary to select a business name and acquire a Company Name certificate. All partners and administrators must have a NIE or DNI. The minimum structure requires an administrator and a partner, which may be the same person, and an initial capital of €1. For activities registered with IAE and Social Security, at least one registered self-employed person or manager is required. The Labor Inspection can intervene in the assignment of job roles under certain conditions. Management to create a company Creating an Express Limited Company in Spain is a simple and fast procedure that offers entrepreneurs an effective opportunity to start a business. Contacting an agency like ESAN Asesores is a great way to start the path to business success. Issuer: ESAN Asesores

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