RELEASE: Let's dance: 69% of people who go to a party reveal that dancing can turn a bad day into a good one, reports Despe


RELEASE: Let's dance: 69% of people who go to a party reveal that dancing can turn a bad day into a good one, reports Despe

LONDON, Aug. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- New Desperados research reveals that dancing is the latest trend that helps people relax. In fact, of those surveyed, 82% said they dance as a form of release, with a quarter (22%) doing it every day.

The survey, conducted by Latino spirit beer brand Desperados, in the UK, US, Germany, Belgium and Spain, also revealed that dancing has the power to make people feel happier (79%) and transform a bad day into a good one. (69%).

It marks the launch of DesperadosDance Club, an updated iteration of the dance-driven app, now turning dance moves into great rewards and epic experiences.

With the new functionality, partygoers can now open the app and dance anywhere, anytime to unlock rewards including VIP access, festival tickets and more. They can also choose to raise money for charities that advocate for inclusion: Stonewall and Women in Music. For every 100 steps, Desperados will donate €1 to these charities in a bid to make dance floors safer and more accessible.

Dancing is clearly more than just a sport: 44% of those surveyed said that it makes them feel free and another 61% confirmed that it helps them feel connected to those around them, establishing a sense of community. Through the new and improved features of the app, Desperados is helping this community come together, allowing them to dance whenever and wherever. Desperados will also create and sponsor events designed to help people relax and connect with others.

The best songs on the dance floors were:

Dance just 500 steps from anywhere to unlock the full playlist in the app.

The main dance floor destinations are:

The updated platform follows Desperados' Rave to Save initiative, a campaign in which partygoers tuned in to a series of innovative parties to dance and raise money for charity, which donated €165,000 to Stonewall and Women in Music last year.

Rutger van der Stegen, Global Director of Desperados, said: "We are so excited to announce the launch of Dance Club, helping to bring communities together through the power of movement and music! And what better way to get you going! that knowing you could earn rewards not only for yourself, but for others as well, while raising money for charity at the same time.Once again, we are incredibly proud to partner with leading inclusive charities Stonewall and Women in Music as they Our goal is to make dance floors around the world a safe and accessible space for everyone."

Download Desperados Dance Club via the App Store and Google Play.

Investigation methodology

Research conducted with 2,517 samples from 18 Nat Gens in the US, UK, Spain, Germany and Belgium between 07.17.2023 and 07.24.2023.


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