RELEASE: New DJI Agriculture Drone Insight Report

- New DJI Agriculture Drone Insight report highlights increased acceptance, implementation of advanced farming techniques, as well as inspection of best practices for farmers.

RELEASE: New DJI Agriculture Drone Insight Report

- New DJI Agriculture Drone Insight report highlights increased acceptance, implementation of advanced farming techniques, as well as inspection of best practices for farmers

DJI technology and global drone policies help address rising global food prices and food safety

SHENZHEN, China, Aug. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- DJI Agriculture, a global leader in facilitating agricultural innovation through drone technology, today reveals the findings of the DJI Agriculture Drone Insight Report 2022/23.

"DJI Agriculture strives to improve the efficiency of farmland management through digital farming solutions based on smart agricultural drones in an environmental and eco-friendly way," said Yuan Zhang, global sales director of DJI Agriculture. "This report shows that governments around the world and farmers are embracing the use of agricultural drones and smart farming methods to increase food production in a more scientific, sustainable and ecological way. This approach can reduce the amount of chemicals farms used while guaranteeing food safety and environmental balance".

The report is divided into several sections examining the work of DJI Agriculture in 2022/23, Global Policy Trends, Agricultural Drone Trials, Drone Application Innovations, and Best Practices.

DJI Agriculture's work in 2022/23

Since its inception just over 10 years ago, DJI Agriculture has grown on six continents, covering more than 100 countries and regions. By the end of 2022, the global number of DJI agricultural drones has exceeded 200,000 units and the cumulative operating area has exceeded 200 million hectares, bringing the benefits of aerial technology to hundreds of millions of agricultural professionals. Through flight training, a total of 150,000 agricultural drone pilots and 2,500 teachers have been trained to promote more young entrepreneurs to join the cause of science and technology agriculture and provide talent support for the development of agriculture. smart farming.

Global political trends

As farmers around the world increasingly adopt agricultural drone technology, governments are beginning to see the many benefits this brings to the industry. There have been proposals to review the regulation in Europe, North America and Brazil. In China, DJI's T16, T20, T10 and T30 agricultural drones have received CAAC airworthiness certification.

Agricultural drone tests

A series of extensive tests, including droplet size tests, drift tests, and herbicide tests, have been performed on the entire DJI Agras series of agricultural drones.

Drone Application Innovations

Drones have been used in a number of innovative ways, from pest and disease control in the Maldives to integrating with traditional grape growing techniques or even in smart farming, optimizing potato and rice yields. A large-scale potato farmer in Washington state saw an 80% reduction in insect damage by spot spraying a 60-hectare field. In Japan, a local rice farmer was able to save on fertilizer and increase his yield, earning him an additional US$5,425 per hectare. Some of the newer use cases include pollination, shaking off dead blossoms from fruit trees, and spraying fruit tree antifreeze and sunscreen.

Best Practices

There are extensive discussions around the world about establishing best practices for agricultural drones, including crew training, improving drone technology, pharmaceutical use specifications, standard operating procedures, and operating guidelines. safe.

DJI has established the DJI ACADEMY and conducted agricultural drone training in Thailand, Mexico, Brazil, and Turkey. New technologies such as the centrifugal nozzle, radar technology and new cameras have been developed to optimize agricultural production management in terms of intelligence, efficiency, effectiveness and safety.

DJI Agriculture not only manufactures drones, but also actively liaises with various chemical companies, universities, and professional institutions to jointly explore best practices.

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DJI Agriculture will showcase its range of agricultural drones and smart farming solutions at AGRITECHNICA 2023 in Hall 9, Booth 16. To schedule an interview or learn more about how DJI Agriculture is working with its partners to create an aerial application ecosystem focused on pesticides optimization, product improvement, technological advancement and talent growth, please use the contact email address below.

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About DJI Agriculture

Since 2006, DJI has led the world with civilian drone innovations that have empowered people to fly for the first time, visionaries to turn their imaginations into reality, and professionals to completely transform their work. With a solution-oriented mindset and genuine curiosity, DJI has expanded its ambitions into the area of ​​agriculture.

In 2012, DJI started agricultural drone R&D and in 2015 established DJI Agriculture. DJI Agriculture is committed to developing innovative, efficient, and sustainable solutions to continuously improve agricultural productivity. With products serving more than 100 countries around the world, DJI Agriculture has empowered more than 10 million professional users with smart farming solutions.

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