RELEASE: Philips expands its range of mobile C-arms with Zenition 10

· New and beneficial addition to the Zenition family of a platform for routine surgery with flat detector and ease of use.

RELEASE: Philips expands its range of mobile C-arms with Zenition 10

· New and beneficial addition to the Zenition family of a platform for routine surgery with flat detector and ease of use.

· Exclusive settings by user profiles, specific protocols for each clinical application and great flexibility of movements improve the experience of operating room staff and contribute to better surgical results for patients

Madrid, May 4, 2023 – Royal Philips, a world leader in healthcare technology, has announced the launch of the Zenition 10 image-guided therapy system, a new addition to the company's Zenition family of mobile C-arms. Based on state-of-the-art Philips flat detector technology, Zenition 10 helps expand patient access to routine surgical care and minimally invasive procedures. Now commercially available in Spain [1], the high-performance, high-image quality, mobile C-arm enables surgeons to treat more patients at lower cost, while helping to improve surgical outcomes for patients. .

“Philips Zenition mobile C-arms have long been recognized for their high image quality and efficiency-enhancing performance in the OR. With the introduction of Zenition 10, we are making those benefits available in a C-arm that meets the broad needs of routine standard and minimally invasive surgery, enabling more patients in more parts of the world to receive high-quality care." says Mark Stoffels, General Manager of Philips Image Guided Therapy Systems.

Mitigate staff shortages and increase access to high-quality care

To help alleviate OR staff shortages and rising healthcare costs, Philips Zenition 10 provides a more cost-effective solution for routine surgery, offering the speed and efficiency needed to handle high patient flow while time that is flexible enough to meet the needs of orthopedics, trauma and other areas of surgery, maximizing its utilization. It features exceptional C-arm maneuverability, clinical application specific protocols, and custom user profile settings. At the same time, it offers excellent image quality needed to improve procedural outcomes. Zenition 10 is easy to use and intuitive, allowing for a fast learning curve and reducing training time for surgical staff. In addition, the new system offers a dedicated pediatric mode for low doses.

Clinical application-specific protocols, customizable settings in unique user profiles, automatically adjust Zenition 10 settings to each user's preferences each time they log in, facilitating consistent image quality. An uninterruptible power supply allows the unit to be moved from one operating room to another without the need to reboot the entire system. Its excellent C-arm geometry provides the necessary maneuverability for OR personnel to access the anatomies to be addressed. Philips BodySmart facilitates dose efficiency by automatically adapting the measurement field to the area of ​​interest.

For images of patients with metal implants, Philips MetalSmart software automatically improves image quality and dose. A dedicated pediatric mode automatically reduces dose rates for these types of patients. The system's digital subtraction angiography capability further enhances the range of surgical procedures facilitated by the Zenition 10, enabling clear images of the vasculature.

The Zenition mobile C-arm platform brings together the innovations in image acquisition and processing, ease of use and versatility first introduced in Philips' successful Windows®-based Zenition platform. Other C-arms in the Philips Zenition family are the Zenition 50 and Zenition 70.

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