RELEASE: Repara tu Deuda Abogados cancels €53,756 in Collado Villalba (Madrid) with the Second Chance Law

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Repara tu Deuda Abogados cancels €53,756 in Collado Villalba (Madrid) with the Second Chance Law

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, March 9, 2023.

The law firm specialized in the Second Chance Law exceeds 130 million euros exonerated in Spain

Repair your Debt, a leading law firm in Spain in the application of the Second Chance Law, has achieved a debt cancellation in Collado Villalba (Madrid). Through the management of Repara tu Deuda Abogados, the Court of First Instance no. forehead. SEE JUDGMENT As the lawyers explain, "we are dealing with a single woman with a dependent daughter. She was in a situation of over-indebtedness that made it impossible for her to regularly meet her obligations. She had requested a series of loans with banks and financial institutions, which he could not assume". As in his case, many people get into debt by requesting credits to face the day to day. However, little by little, when they try to repay the amount owed, they find themselves unable to do so and go to court to start over from scratch and have a second life. People who take advantage of the Second Chance Law check in short time the great benefits of being exonerated of their debts. These individuals and freelancers come out of delinquency lists, such as ASNEF, which does so much damage to them in their day to day. In addition, they no longer receive calls from banks and financial institutions, which previously also contacted relatives, relatives, acquaintances and even personnel from their work environment. More than seven years have passed since the approval of this legislation and the reality is that more and more people trust this legislation. Repair your Debt Abogados has helped, since its creation in September 2015, many who did not know where to turn. More than 20,000 individuals and freelancers have resorted to the firm's services to end their debts. The law firm has 100% success in its cases. Before starting the process, carry out an analysis to verify that, indeed, these people are deserving of a second chance. To date, it has managed to exceed the figure of 130 million euros exonerated to its clients, who come from the different autonomous communities of Spain. This legislation allows individuals and the self-employed to be exempt from paying their debts if they meet a series of prerequisites. In summary, it is enough that the bankrupt does not exceed 5 million euros in amount owed, that he has not been convicted of socioeconomic crimes in the last ten years and that he always acts in good faith.

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