RELEASE: Sirius Medical celebrates the enrollment of the first patient in the MELODY study with Pintuition®

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Sirius Medical celebrates the enrollment of the first patient in the MELODY study with Pintuition®

(Information sent by the signatory company)

EINDHOVEN, The Netherlands, January 24, 2024/PRNewswire/ -- Sirius Medical is proud to celebrate the enrollment of the first patient in the MELODY study using the innovative Sirius Pintuition system from Professor and Doctor Banys-Paluchowski. This next-generation surgical marker navigation system with GPSDetect technology is designed to help surgeons accurately locate non-palpable tumors, marking a significant advance in surgical precision and patient care.

The MELODY study, officially known as "MELODY - Methods for localization of different types of breast lesions", is a multicenter, prospective, international, non-interventional cohort study. It focuses on evaluating several novel image-guided methods for the localization of non-palpable malignant breast lesions. The study represents a significant effort to validate new breast cancer treatments that offer a more refined, patient-centered approach to tumor targeting.

Leading the MELODY study is Professor and Dr. Maggie Banys-Paluchowski, leader of the Comprehensive Breast Cancer Center at the Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein Lübeck Campus of the University of Lübeck (Germany).

"As a breast oncoplastic surgeon and principal investigator of the MELODY study, I am delighted that Sirius Medical with its probe-guided detection has begun to contribute to the study along with other leadless probe-guided technologies," explained Professor and Dr. Maggie Banys. -Paluchowski.

Sirius Medical's Director of Medical and Clinical Affairs, Dr. Massimiliano Malloni, expressed his excitement at the inclusion of the first patient in the study, saying: "The results of this study will be instrumental in reinforcing existing clinical evidence and expanding the accessibility of medications without cables". We are proud to be collaborating with the EUBREAST organization and iBRA-NET, whose experience and dedication are invaluable in our shared mission to advance breast cancer treatment, and I am confident that our unique navigation guide will strongly support the shift to seamless technologies. cables".

If you are interested in joining the MELODY study with Sirius Pintuition, you can contact Massimiliano Malloni, Director of Medical and Clinical Affairs at


EUBREAST, a network of top European breast cancer surgeons, focuses on promoting less invasive surgical methods to improve the care of cancer patients. Known for rapidly translating scientific advances into clinical practice, this network coordinates a variety of impactful projects and studies across Europe.

Similarly, iBRA-NET, based in the United Kingdom, comprises multidisciplinary professionals dedicated to innovating and evaluating new techniques and products in oncoplastic breast surgery. Together, these groups are instrumental in the progressive transformation of breast cancer surgery, significantly improving patient outcomes.

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