RELEASE: Supermicro Adds 192-Core ARM CPU-Based Low-Power Servers to Its Server Lineup

- Supermicro adds low-power servers based on 192-core ARM CPUs to its wide range of workload-optimized servers and storage systems.

RELEASE: Supermicro Adds 192-Core ARM CPU-Based Low-Power Servers to Its Server Lineup

- Supermicro adds low-power servers based on 192-core ARM CPUs to its wide range of workload-optimized servers and storage systems

The new MegaDC servers incorporate the new AmpereOne™ CPU for microservices, Telco Edge, web servers, caching services, multimedia encoding and game streaming

SAN JOSE, California, July 19, 2023/PRNewswire/ -- Supermicro, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMCI), a provider of total cloud computing, AI/ML, storage and 5G/Edge solutions, announces several new servers to its and a broad line of application-optimized products. These new servers incorporate the new AmpereOne™ CPU, with up to 192 single-threaded cores and up to 4TB of memory capacity. Applications such as databases, telco edge, web servers, caching services, multimedia encoding, and game streaming will benefit from increased cores, faster memory access, higher performance per watt, scalable power management, and new security features in the cloud. Additionally, applications based on cloud-native microservices will benefit from lower latencies and power consumption.

"Supermicro is expanding our customers' choices with the introduction of these new systems featuring the latest high core count CPUs from Ampere Computing," said Michael McNerney, Supermicro's vice president of marketing and security. "With high core counts, predictable latencies and up to 4TB of memory, users will experience higher performance for a range of workloads and lower power consumption. We continue to design and offer a range of environmentally friendly servers that provide customers with a competitive advantage for various applications."

As part of the ARM ecosystem, these new servers incorporate OpenBMC for industry-standard server management, enabling integration of these new Supermicro servers into on-premises and hyperscale data centers.

Supermicro's ARM-based MegaDC servers are an innovative extension of the Ampere® Altra® CPU, ranging from 32 to 128 cores, and with AmpereOne™, up to 192 cores. AmpereOne ™-based servers include PCIe 5.0, and DDR5, as well as more memory and I/O bandwidth with a significant performance improvement over previous generation systems, resulting in faster drive performance. general applications. Customers can take advantage of Supermicro's Building Block Solution architecture to support various application workload requirements for more bandwidth and memory capacity, more PCIe expansion slots, and CPU performance with less power consumption.

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The new servers are optimized for applications based on the single-socket MegaDC Building Block Solution architecture and are available immediately. Targeted applications include:

"With the addition of AmpereOne™ to Supermicro's MegaDC server line, we are bringing even more cores to workloads that need the most performance with the least power," said Jeff Wittich, Ampere product manager. "With both the Ampere® Altra® and AmpereOne™ offerings, Supermicro offers customers a wide range of options that meet application requirements while continuing to reduce the cost and environmental impact of data center and edge computing. ".

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