RELEASE: Sylvox reinvents outdoor entertainment: presents new televisions at CES 2024

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Sylvox reinvents outdoor entertainment: presents new televisions at CES 2024

(Information sent by the signatory company)

- Sylvox Reinvents Outdoor Entertainment: Introduces Waterproof Portable TV and 75" Outdoor Cinema Smart TV at CES 2024

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The world is now your home theater. Sylvox, which has provided amazing outdoor TVs in over 100 countries, is once again changing the game with a range of new innovations. Sylvox's lineup includes outdoor smart TVs, portable waterproof smart TVs, smart kitchen TVs, smart bathroom TVs, and commercial digital signage displays.

This year, Sylvox creates an entirely new category: the 15.6-inch waterproof portable Smart TV, which features an IP66 waterproof rating. Its design allows users to place it directly on the surface of the water, transforming mundane moments into cinematic experiences.

Weighing only 4.85 pounds, it is effortlessly portable. Experience seamless Google TV integration with voice control. Adjust your view with a 360° rotating kickstand and enjoy 4.5 to 6 hours of playback from the built-in battery. Supports iOS and Android mirroring. Immerse yourself in entertainment, wherever you are!

Also new for 2024 is Sylvox's flagship product, the 75-inch Cinema Smart Outdoor TV, which features an impressive 3,500 nits of brightness along with dynamic backlighting. What sets it apart is its waterproof feature, which ensures uninterrupted viewing pleasure even in adverse weather conditions.

For culinary enthusiasts, the 15.6-inch Smart Kitchen TV offers 1080P HD clarity and a unique folding design that fits comfortably under cabinets, optimizing kitchen space without compromising entertainment.

The most striking of all is Elevating Outdoor Smart TV. A perfect fusion of functionality and aesthetics, this TV can be raised seamlessly from a table surface when in use. Once entertaining is over, it elegantly retracts and serves as an elegant table.

Sylvox will also exhibit a series of commercial digital signage display solutions, including indoor and outdoor digital signage displays, which are suitable for various application scenarios, such as digital menus, brand videos, information dissemination, etc., providing methods more flexible commercial exhibition spaces and injecting more technology and fashion elements into the commercial environment.

"Sylvox is not just about full-screen TVs; it is about redefining how and where we experience entertainment and how to influence and change the retail industry," said CEO Yang. "With our showcase at CES 2024, we aim to demonstrate our dedication to innovation and user-centered design."

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