RELEASE: The 1916 Company launches the leading destination for watch collectors

-The 1916 Company launches the leading destination for collectors, ushering in a new era for watch enthusiasts.

RELEASE: The 1916 Company launches the leading destination for watch collectors

-The 1916 Company launches the leading destination for collectors, ushering in a new era for watch enthusiasts

The 1916 Company unites WatchBox, the leading global collectible watch platform and community, with leading watch retailers across the United States; Govberg, Radcliffe, and Hyde Park Jewelers.

PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The 1916 Company launched today by merging WatchBox, Govberg, Radcliffe, and Hyde Park Jewelers under one new brand to form the leading global destination and community for fine watches, jewelry, education and experiences. The 1916 Company brings together the primary and secondary markets under a single, unified brand, comprising more than 20 boutiques and collectors' salons in key watch markets around the world.

WatchBox was founded in 2017 by Danny Govberg, Justin Reis and Tay Liam Wee to digitally enhance customers' experience as they collect, sell, trade and learn about watches, while interacting with like-minded enthusiasts who share their passion for watches. The 1916 Company advances this mission, offering collectors a welcoming, trusted global partner for new and collectible pre-owned watches as well as fine jewelry, a dynamic media platform, and a global network of boutiques and collectors' salons, supported by a team dedicated customer advisors.

"Watches have the power to bring people together," said Justin Reis, global CEO of The 1916 Company. "Over the years, we have seen our collectors' desire not only for digital connectivity, but also for rich experiences of physical interaction - they value the bonds formed with our dedicated Client Advisors and the friendships they have forged throughout our community. The evolution of The 1916 Company is a natural progression for us, shaped by the voices and needs of our customers. With The 1916 Company, we are reinforcing the sense of community, rooted in our existing relationships, while enthusiastically leveraging the opportunity to forge new ones. Our vision begins and ends with our clients."

The 1916 Company is now one of the world's largest luxury watch and jewelry retailers, connecting the strengths and heritage of the largest second-hand platform with three independent jewelers. Hospitality, warmth, generations of experience and long-standing partnerships with the most respected luxury watch brands, including Rolex and Patek Philippe, set the tone for this next chapter. The company's presence spans eight multi-brand salons and five single-brand boutiques in Philadelphia and Ardmore, PA; Baltimore and Towson, MD; Newark, DE; Denver, Colorado; Newport Beach, California; and Scottsdale, AZ. John Shmerler and Damon Gross of Radcliffe and Hyde Park Jewelers, respectively, will lead The 1916 Company's licensed retail network.

These locations are complemented by lounges in Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai and Dubai, as well as New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Boca Raton. The 1916 Company's pre-owned collection, valued at over $200 million, is available both online and at all brick-and-mortar locations, with a distinct focus on ultra-rare collectible watches and the world of independent artisanal watchmaking.

"We want collectors and enthusiasts to enjoy visiting us around the world; to feel part of our extended family and Collectors' Circle as they discover The 1916 Company's unique and personalized approach to collecting and our extraordinary watch and jewelry collections," John Shmerler said.

The company's name, a future-focused company, honors the legacy of Albert Govberg, who founded Govberg Jewelers in Philadelphia in 1916. Danny Govberg, co-founder, CEO and grandson of Albert, shared: "In creating The 1916 Company, We embrace our identity as a 107-year-old emerging company. Our business principles are rooted in long-standing relationships, while our commitment to innovation and transformative change drives us to anticipate the ever-evolving needs of the most discerning watch collectors. of today and tomorrow".

In a separate statement, The 1916 Company will announce that it has joined the official network authorized to sell certified pre-owned Rolex watches. Starting today, Rolex certified pre-owned watches will be available for sale online ( and ) and in exclusive Rolex CPO settings at the company's official Rolex jewelry locations. Pre-owned Rolex watches will no longer be featured on

New and existing customers of WatchBox, Govberg, Radcliffe and Hyde Park Jewelers will be introduced to The 1916 Company over the next six months. Learn more at


ABOUT THE 1916 COMPANYThe 1916 Company is the world's leading destination and global community for collectible luxury watches and fine jewelry. Comprising more than 20 boutiques and collectors' salons in major watch markets around the world, The 1916 Company brings together the legacies of WatchBox, Govberg Jewelers, Radcliffe Jewelers and Hyde Park Jewelers to offer a curated selection of watches, both new and pre-owned watches, from the most respected watch brands, a dynamic media platform and the support of trusted customer advisors. The 1916 Company's vibrant community extends from coast to coast and around the world. Learn more at

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