RELEASE: The 2023 MEES Awards confirm the strength of the Well-being Plans in Spain

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: The 2023 MEES Awards confirm the strength of the Well-being Plans in Spain

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The MEES Awards, promoted by My Company is Healthy, announced last Thursday, June 22, the best corporate well-being practices in our country.

During a gala held at the Espacio Bertelsmann in Madrid, they highlighted the commitment of four companies and one leader to the health and happiness of their work teams, but also that of an entire business ecosystem, the Spanish one, which consolidates its commitment to one of the most effective instruments when it comes to preserving that well-being: benefit plans for employees.

The winners in this eighth edition were:.

Global Wellness:.

· Winner: L'Oréal.

· Finalist: UCI.

Physical well-being:.

· Winner: ISDIN.

· Finalists: Red Cross and Orange.

Emotional Well-being:.

· Winner: Uvesco Group.

· Finalist. Mahou San Miguel.

· Winner: Audiotec.

Saludable Leader: Anabel Fernández Fornelino, CEO of Affor Health.

Behind the awards, the people.

L'Oréal, specifically the factory that the brand maintains in Burgos, was the winner of the night, in the Global Category, precisely for its good work and results in the design and implementation of this type of strategy. "For L'Oreal, human capital is the most important thing we have in the company, which is why we believe in the program," said María de los Ángeles Pinto after receiving the award. The MEES Awards jury has highly valued the company's Quiérete más wellness and health project, implemented by the HR and CSR departments, as well as its ability to transform a global initiative of the multinational in a local environment and to integrate it in the community.

Together with L'Oréal, the ISDIN brand, for the credibility and commitment of its project, which has had the indisputable support of business management, and the UVESCO Group, were recognized in the categories of physical well-being and emotional well-being respectively. The latter for his important work in a sector as complex as food distribution and which also has an impact on a very specific professional profile, with an average age of 45 years. "We have the purpose of being the supermarket that offers the best shopping experience and we are clear that we are not going to fulfill that purpose if our professionals are not well," said Cristina Olloqui, who collected the award on behalf of the corporation.

For its work in promoting well-being in a small workforce, the company AUDIOTEC received the award of the day in the SME Category. "We work to improve all those aspects that make us a better company," Francesca Balestra, a member of the company, told those present.

As for the most personal distinction of the MEES Awards, the one that falls on a CEO figure capable of embodying well-being values ​​and transferring them to the rest of the organization, went to Anabel Fernández Fornelino, founder of Affor Health in 2010 and CEO of the company, for "being a pioneer, its incredible strength and working for the emotional health of workers from many corporations", as the jury emphasized on Thursday; a gala that marked the priority lines for the coming years in corporate well-being and was sponsored by the Bertelsmann Foundation, Sanitas, Wellwo and Previntegra.

The 3R rule of well-being: reinvention, repair and regeneration.

In addition to the winners, the 2023 MEES Awards Gala featured renowned professionals from the wellness sector within the company, who participated in various round tables. Through all of them, not only the importance of caring for human talent was revealed, but also the intention to do so.

The well-being strategies of the award-winning companies mark a path for the future in the next decade, and they have done so through what for My Company is Healthy is the rule of the three Rs: Reinvention of corporate well-being programs, Emotional repair of the work teams after some particularly tough years and Regeneration of the talent and commitment of the staff to the organization.

The 2023 MEES Awards gala traveled through these three erres because, as explained by Noemí Boza, partner and general director of Más Cuota, "what the real challenge is to include many other facets of care in the concept of well-being and development of people; well-being is emotional health, physical exercise, nutrition, but also motivation, personal development, cohesion, commitment, positive language, it is culture and creativity, it is being able to be yourself, it is receiving the attention you need".

And all this was discussed in those round tables: how to include art and culture in wellness plans to contribute to good physical and mental health with the participation of the international illustrator Javi Royo, Kike Labián CEO of the arts company performers Kubbo and Dr. Margarita Feyjoó, head of the Oncology Unit of the Sanitas de La Moraleja University Hospital; of the importance of non-violent communication, that is, effective; and that the success of the well-being plans depends on asking the staff what they need, in other words, plans that are totally flexible, customizable and extendable to the entire staff, because "people must be able to choose freely".

Because as the coach and communication expert María González Romero pointed out during her speech, "connecting and empathizing with the person in front means listening in depth to what a person feels in order to understand and learn to express what you feel and need", and that is the first step to reduce stress, create healthy work environments and design corporate well-being strategies that really meet the expectations of workers. Doing so will mean enjoying loyal templates and satisfied work teams thanks to comprehensive benefit plans with increasing adherence percentages.

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