COMUNICADO: Sungrow presents its liquid-cooled energy storage system PowerTitan 2.0

MUNICH, June 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The world's leading supplier of inverter and energy storage systems, Sungrow, presented its latest liquid-cooled energy storage system PowerTitan 2.

COMUNICADO: Sungrow presents its liquid-cooled energy storage system PowerTitan 2.0

MUNICH, June 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The world's leading supplier of inverter and energy storage systems, Sungrow, presented its latest liquid-cooled energy storage system PowerTitan 2.0 at Intersolar Europe. The latest generation system was developed to support grid stability and improve power quality. It also offers an optimized LCOS for project use.

The PowerTitan 2.0 is the perfect integration of Sungrow technology for power electronics, electrochemistry and power grid support. The latest innovation for the public power storage market uses a large battery cell capacity of 314Ah. It integrates a String Power Conversion System (PCS) into the battery container, features Stem Cell Grid Tech and includes systematic liquid-cooled temperature control. The all-in-one system significantly increases power density, allowing the 20ft container to be fitted with 5MWh batteries and 2.5MW PCS.

Cost-effective and high-performance power grid support

The PowerTitan 2.0 integrates the battery modules and the string PCS in a 20-foot container. The String-PCS can charge and discharge the battery racks individually. This increases the discharged energy capacity of the system by more than 7 percent over the entire life cycle.

The system has a Round Trip Efficiency (RTE) of 89.5 percent - an increase of 2 percent - and features Cell to Grid (C2G) technology, which greatly simplifies the conversion between DC and AC power.

By integrating the liquid-cooled heat management system, both the PCS and the battery modules achieve balanced heat dissipation inside the container. The lower temperature difference of 2.5 degrees Celsius between cells and modules achieved by the PowerTitan 2.0 enables a battery life of 20 years and improved charging and discharging efficiency.

Thanks to a bionic heat balance technology controlled by Artificial Intelligence (AI), the system can automatically switch to the appropriate heat dissipation method depending on the operating status and battery and ambient temperature. This technology ensures that the energy consumption of the system is reduced to 50 kWh per day, which is a 40 percent reduction compared to the industry average.

In addition, the PowerTitan 2.0 is equipped with Stem Cell Grid Tech. This technology not only aims for increased grid stability and better power quality, but brings together leading technologies such as optimized and continuous high and low voltage bridging, multi-stage broadband oscillation suppression, flexible inertia support, microsecond-level voltage build-up and gigawatt-level black start. Such technology ensures a seamless transition between high and low voltage bypass, an adaptive resonance range from 0.15 Hz to 2.5 kHz and the restoration of power to the local grid for voltage fluctuations below 2%.

Maximum security

To comply with Sungrow's strict safety priorities, the PowerTitan 2.0 offers a comprehensive safety concept at cell, electrical and system level. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), the cells are monitored with great accuracy in real time. In this way, changes can be detected and early warnings can be triggered to prevent overheating. With four layers of protection against excessive electrical current and dangerous arcing, the risk of electrical hazards is greatly reduced.

Both the components of the power electronics and the battery modules are isolated from each other by a separate construction, so that each individual area is secured with a two-hour fire protection.

Sungrow's battery storage solutions feature temperature, smoke and fire gas detectors, and gas and water extinguishing systems to safely and effectively prevent the risk of battery fires and reduce the risk of flare-ups. The fact that not a single fire has occurred to date underscores Sungrow's success story.

Advanced operational and maintenance procedures and optimal protection functions

The comprehensive system is pre-installed so that the most important parameters are already configured before leaving the production facility. This shortens the time until on-site commissioning and guarantees early income for those responsible for the project.

The back-to-back installation concept requires less floor space for the storage system. A 100 MWh energy storage project only needs 1200 square meters with the PowerTitan 2.0.

The PowerTitan 2.0 also has an automatic calibration function for the state of charge (SoC) by using the String-PCS. Power plant upgrade time is reduced by 20 minutes through the use of over-the-air (OTA) technology.

In addition, the modular design, consisting of battery pack and PCS, saves time during operation and maintenance (O

Not only operation and maintenance have been optimized. The PowerTitan 2.0 also boasts an impressive C5 corrosion protection rating and IP55 rating, qualifying it for use in the most arduous of conditions. The system can be operated at 100 percent nominal power even at altitudes of up to 4500 meters above sea level.

With its integrated liquid-cooled system, the PowerTitan 2.0 also has a reduced sound pressure level of 75 dB, which ensures quieter operation in noisy environments.

As more renewable energy projects are launched and more energy carriers are added to the power mix, the importance of grid stability and improving power quality increases. With a 26-year track record, the performance of Sungrow energy storage systems remains unmatched. The company received the world's first iF Design Award in the "Industrial Scale Energy Storage Systems" category for the PowerTitan. To date, Sungrow has received a total of nine gigawatt hours of orders for the PowerTitan - a testament to the company's success and credibility in the industry .

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