Labor inspectors call off the strike and postpone the conflict until after the elections

MADRID, 27 Jun.

Labor inspectors call off the strike and postpone the conflict until after the elections


Labor inspectors have called off the indefinite strike that they began on Monday after noting the "division" that exists between the Labor Ministries, on the one hand, and the Treasury and Public Function on the other, "which prevents negotiating with certainty in the absence of a valid caller".

The Independent Trade Union and Officials Central (CSIF) considers that the postponement of this conflict until the end of the general elections and the new Government is formed is done "out of responsibility".

CSIF, together with the other organizations calling for the strike, regrets the lack of intention to comply with the agreement by the Ministry of Finance and Public Function: "The Labor Inspectorate has been played with, used for partisan purposes. We cannot allow it, and all this in defense of the interests of the citizens and of the Inspection workers themselves", they have denounced through a statement.

The inspectors began a calendar of mobilizations months ago due to the non-compliance by the Government of the agreements on personnel matters (lack of means, reinforcement of templates, professional career) signed in July 2021.

"However, the lack of personnel and resources continue two years later and translate into an increase in the workload that the Inspection bears, the lack of development of the professional career, recognition of the functions developed and a lack of a relationship of obsolete and unfair jobs", they denounce.

The Labor Inspectorate announced ten days ago that it was paralyzing the supervisory activity of several campaigns activated in this legislature --such as equality between men and women, control of working time, registration of working hours, salary conditions and risks associated with agricultural activity, among others-- in protest against this shortage of staff and technical and material resources.

Currently there are about 2,200 active inspection workers and another 800 support staff; that is, the Labor Inspectorate falls on a staff of 3,000 people while there are more than 20 million Social Security affiliates, 1.4 million companies and 10 million pensioners.