RELEASE: The new Lexus LBX, available to be discovered at Lexus Madrid

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: The new Lexus LBX, available to be discovered at Lexus Madrid

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, March 22

Once again, luxury and innovation have been found hand in hand with the prestigious automotive company Lexus, recognized for its top-level cars in terms of design and performance.

On this occasion, the protagonist, due to its excellence and advanced technology, is the new Lexus LBX, available to be discovered at Lexus Madrid, an oasis for lovers of automotive excellence. This new model represents the culmination of decades of dedication to cutting-edge engineering and supreme comfort, embodying the essence of automotive sophistication.

From its captivating exterior to its luxurious and enveloping interior, the new Lexus LBX is an icon of elegance and comfort. Every detail of this new vehicle has been meticulously designed to meet the expectations of drivers who seek the best in terms of style and technology.

The perfect balance of comfort and power finds its strong point in this vehicle. Being equipped with the latest innovations in safety and assistance systems, the latest model from the Lexus firm guarantees safe and intuitive driving. Multiple protection and intelligent response features provide adequate and immediate support, making all travel experiences smooth and worry-free.

For its part, the serenity of driving is solved by its state-of-the-art suspension system, capable of making the unprecedented power of its engine imperceptible. Meanwhile, advanced hybrid technology ensures exceptional Lexus performance while maintaining its strong commitment to environmental sustainability. This engine that combines conventional combustion with the electric mode of modern vehicles sets a standard for the automotive industry, in impeccable synergy.

As for the interior, the design of the new Lexus LBX has managed to redefine the concept of luxury. From a serene and sophisticated space, the comfort of the driver and passengers is prioritized through ergonomic seats and top quality equipment. Likewise, the surround sound and its on-board entertainment and assistance systems promise transfers with the maximum comfort known to date.

Lexus Madrid invites car enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the experience of the new Lexus LBX. Their experts are available to guide visitors through all the features and customizable options of this exceptional vehicle, to feel and discover it firsthand.

With specialized advice and unparalleled dedication, the Lexus Madrid staff allows you to learn more about the new Lexus LBX through a satisfactory visit. This is how you can enjoy an exceptional comprehensive service, which fuses first-class customer service with the luxury, technology and performance offered by this iconic Lexus model.


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