RELEASE: Assan Alüminyum gets international recognition with an RSC project

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Assan Alüminyum gets international recognition with an RSC project

(Information sent by the signatory company)

-Assan Alüminyum gets international recognition with an award-winning RSC project on biodiversity preservation and fine arts

CHICAGO, March 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Assan Alüminyum, one of the world's leading producers of flat rolled aluminum, in addition to its activities focused on sustainability in general, develops corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects based on the environmental and social aspects of sustainability. The company obtained international recognition with its comprehensive Sea DaffodilsCSR project, through the sustainability, communication and business awards it has received worldwide.

Assan Alüminyum, a subsidiary of Kibar Holding and one of the two largest aluminum foil producers in Europe, shapes its processes and activities based on its core values ​​of reliability, flexibility, innovation and sustainability. Sustainability also lays the foundations for the corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects developed by the company. The company aims to benefit society and its local communities through CSR projects that make a difference from both an environmental and social sustainability perspective. This is how the Biodiversity Preservation Project began 5 years ago, when Assan Alüminyum began collaborating with the Department of Biology at Kocaeli University. Thanks to this project, 3 endemic plants have been saved from extinction so far, including the Blue Star (Amsonia orientalis), the Riva Mullein (Verbascum bugulifolium) and the Sea Narcissus (Pancratium maritimum). With the support of the company, these endangered plant species are first propagated in the laboratories of Kocaeli University and then replanted in the wild, thus preventing the loss of biodiversity in the ecosystem.

In addition to the environmental sustainability dimension of the Sea Daffodils Project, Assan Alüminyum also became the main sponsor of the Sea Daffodils play performed in a prestigious theater in Istanbul, thus supporting both fine arts and the sustainability awareness created by it. . The work aims to represent the destructive nature of humanity on biodiversity, using marital relationships as a metaphor.

With the Sea Daffodils Project, Assan Alüminyum received 2 national and 2 international sustainability, communications and business awards, including Communitas, Stevie, Brandverse and Turkish Public Relations Association, in different categories such as "the Sustainability Initiative of the Year in Europe" and " Corporate Responsibility - Culture and Art". Göksal Güngör, CEO of Assan Alüminyum, explains the importance of these initiatives: "Sustainability is one of our core values ​​at Assan Alüminyum. Therefore, we are committed to giving back to nature and our local communities, not only in our activities. but also with our CSR initiatives."

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